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As a public institution of higher education, the University of Missouri – Saint Louis is open to the general public. However, the university has the authority to establish expectations and parameters related to an individual’s presence on university property. The university retains the right to restrict access to university property due to safety concerns relating to our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. This policy describes the circumstances under which access to or presence on university property may be restricted, including the procedures for issuing a No Trespass Notice (“Notice”) to individuals not affiliated with the university when appropriate.

No Trespass Policy
As set forth in Section 110.010.E.3 of the University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations, “Persons who are not current students or employees of the university and who are on university property without specific permission or authorization or without an appropriate purpose may be deemed guilty of trespass. A person shall be deemed to be on university property ‘without specific permission or authorization’ from and after such time as they are requested to leave the property. A person shall be deemed to be on university property ‘without an appropriate purpose’ whenever their presence is not reasonably related to the university's educational function, or an approved university-related extracurricular activity.”

When it is determined that an individual who is not affiliated with the university as a student, faculty, or staff member presents an ongoing threat to the campus, the university may issue a No Trespass Notice restricting that person from property owned or operated by the university. The No Trespass Notice will be effective for a 12-month period, after which the individual can request that their case be reviewed.

Procedures to Initiate a No Trespass Notice
Student Affairs is authorized to issue a No Trespass Notice under the following conditions:

  1. The Notice is issued to a non-affiliated person;
  2. The Notice may be issued when an individual's actions are considered to be a threat to the campus community including, but not limited to crimes of violence against persons or property, or when the behavior is persistent enough to alarm or disturb a reasonable person engaged in legitimate university business, or is disruptive to the university community. The following are examples of behaviors that may result in the issuance of a No Trespass Notice:
    • Commission or conviction of any criminal offense on or off university property;
    • Violation of university policies or expectations;
    • Engaging in behavior or conduct that presents a threat to university property or a member of the university community, including students, faculty, staff, or visitors.
  3. Please use this link to request a Student Affairs review of a No Trespass notice request form.  These requests will be reviewed, and the requesters will be notified of the next steps.

The official No Trespass Notice will be delivered to the individual either via US Postal Service or electronic mail. A copy of the Notice – along with a picture when available – will be uploaded to a secure database that is accessible to Campus Police and relevant campus representatives. The database will also be used to notify campus representatives of any campus visits that have been approved by Student Affairs.

Procedures to request a campus visit
Individuals on the University No Trespass list may request a one-time campus visit by emailing the Division of Student Affairs at umslstudenta@umsl.edu and requesting permission.  Each request will be reviewed individually and approval is not guaranteed. 

Procedures to appeal or request an end to a No Trespass Notice
Individuals on the University No Trespass list may request a review of their case as a matter of appeal or request that they be removed from the No Trespass list at the conclusion of their 12-month.  These requests will be reviewed by the Vice President of Student Affairs, or a designee, and the Associate Provost for Student Success in the Division of Academic Affairs, or a designee.  Please email umslstudenta@umsl.edu to request removal from the No Trespass list.