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Behavioral Concerns

On a college campus, behaviors of concern have often gone unreported. When a tragedy occurs, people come forward with small bits of information that, in retrospect, point to a specific problem. These bits of information when viewed together may be helpful in preventing tragic events and initiating assistance to individuals of concern. As such, the University of Missouri - Saint Louis has established both the CARE Team and the UMSL Intervention Team. The CARE Team is charged with communicating important information with key members of the campus community (e.g., incident reports, police reports, observations, etc.), while the UMSL Intervention Team is charged with developing action plans and intervention strategies as needed. Cases often start as discussion items within the CARE Team and then advance to the UMSL Intervention Team for final adjudication.

Even if you think an individual is joking, please let us know. By reporting this behavior, you become an important link in securing a safe and healthy campus environment.

IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION, always contact Campus PD at (314) 516-5155.

For non-emergency concerns involving students, please contact the Student Conduct and Community Standards at (314) 516-5211. 

Student Conduct and Community Standards is responsible for upholding the Student Standard of Conduct in support of the educational mission of the University. The behavioral standards and intervention efforts provided through this office help create a positive university climate that encourages students to take responsibility for their actions, learn conflict resolution skills, enhance decision-making ability and advance development of social awareness and ethical values.

For more information on student conduct and community standards, the conduct policies or the process of reporting a behavioral concern, please visit the Student Conduct website.

For non-emergency concerns involving UMSL faculty and staff, please contact their respective academic dean or divisional leader.

View UMSL’s academic deans and divisional leaders chart (PDF 37KB).

For non-emergency concerns that involve possible mental health issues, you may either contact the above, or call Counseling Services for a consultation with a counseling psychologist at (314) 516-5711.

For additional guidance on which office may be most appropriate to contact with your concerns, please review Campus Resources: Behavior, Safety and Other Concerns (PDF 60KB).