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Music Classes available to Non-Music Majors:

Talk to your academic advisor about enrolling in any of the Music courses below for extracurricular credit.

  • Applied Lessons
  • THRY COM 1200 Intro to Music Audio Production
  • ENT 2130 Business in the Arts
  • MHLT 1005 Music and Film
  • MHLT 1004 Black American Music
  • MHLT 1150 Drumming Cultures of the World
  • MHLT 1140 Popular Music in America
  • MHLT 1160 - 1190 Music Journey through the Far East, Latin American, Africa, and Native America
  • MHLT 2030 Special Topics in Musicology
  • MATH 1026 The Music of Math


Performance Opportunities available to Non-Music Majors: 

No credit space to enroll in a Music course? No problem!

There are a multitude of ensemble performance opportunites open to Non-Music and Music majors alike.

Note: all Vocal Ensembles will require an audition, please contact the director of the ensemble you are interested in joining for further information.