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M-165: Tevis Civil War Scrapbook Collection

HISTORY: John C. Tevis was one of the principle founders of the Mercantile Library. A Confederate sympathizer during the Civil War, Tevis collected articles from many newspapers regarding the "War of the Rebellion" and the events leading up to it to create these two unique scrapbooks. According to the inscription on the back cover of the first of two scrapbooks, "J.C. Tevis left St. Louis in April 1862 for the South, escaping from espionage and tyrrany by a wild, rough and devious overland route through southern Missouri and Arkansas … thence to … the Southern Army. In which he served, in the Quartermaster's Department until the end of the war." He presented his scrapbooks as a gift to the Mercantile Library in 1871.

SCOPE: Tevis collected articles from all the important newspapers of the day--local, national, even international--and created a unique record of the Civil War, "History of the War of the Great Rebellion from the Newspapers of the Day." The first volume is thin, the articles within dating from March 1858 to November 1861; the second volume, much larger and more focused, covers June through September 1861.

HOLDINGS: 2 volumes

ACCESS: Portions of the material in Special Collection M-165 may be photocopied, digitally scanned or photographed, subject to condition.

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