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M-153: St. Louis Maps and Guidebooks Collection

HISTORY: Always a repository of reference maps for the city of St. Louis, this collection was formed with the intent of documenting the growth of the urban metropolis through the generations. The goal has been to collect, as thoroughly as possible, at least one map for each year of the existence of the city of St. Louis, in print, facsimile, or manuscript form.

SCOPE: The collection ranges from studies representing the city from the time of its walled fortifications to aerial and satellite photographs. Several offical and non official guidebooks produced from a variety of sources, primarily designed to help the visitor to St. Louis locate important or interesting landmarks and institutions help to round out the collection.

The collection has been arranged chronolgically into eight series based primarily on watershed years in the history of the City of St. Louis.

Series 1

1764-1803 contains maps pertaining to St. Louis in the colonial days under French and later Spanish domination

Series 2

1804-1821 covers the pertains to St. Louis during its territorial days.

Series 3

1822-1865 covers the time from statehood to the end of the Civil War.

Series 4

1866-1877 from the Civil War the St. Louis City-County political split.

Series 5

1878-1903 from the Split to the 1904 Louisiana Exposition (Worlds Fair)

Series 6

1904 St. Louis maps during or related to the Fair

Series 7

1905-1955 Covers the time from the Worlds Fair until the early construction of Interstate 70, the first major interstate in the area.

Series 8



Approximately 100 items.

ACCESS: Special Collections M-153 are boxed and arranged. Portions of the collection may be photocopied, digitally scanned or photographed depending on condition.

Copies of the finding aid are available for download

M-153 St. Louis Maps and Guidebooks (.rtf)

M-153 St. Louis Maps and Guidebooks (.pdf)


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