Data scientists are shaping the future.

Data science is among the most critical of today's emerging fields. Businesses, governments and institutions in all sectors have access to more information than ever before. Infinitely accumulating, this Big Data is now a permanent foundation of decision-making that shapes societies around the globe.

As organizations continue to find more ways to collect and commercialize data, opportunities in this field are expected to grow well into the future. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the demand for data science skills will drive a 27.9 percent rise in employment in the field through 2026.

UMSL is proud to offer an emphasis area at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with an emphasis in Data Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a program of study leading to the B.S. in mathematics degree with an emphasis in data science. This program provides a sufficient background in mathematics, statistics, and to some extent, computer science to produce graduates who can work in areas requiring applied mathematical techniques and tools.  This degree is structured to allow additional, optional, courses that enable the student to focus on a variety of further areas of interest. 

Degree requirements and more information

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Master of Arts in Mathematics with an emphasis in Data Science

The MA with data science emphasis is well suited for students preparing to work in industry as data scientists. Our graduates acquire a solid foundation in statistics and computational skills with an emphasis on applications to data science.

Students may enroll in any of these graduate programs on a part-time basis.

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Data Scientist

Data Engineer


Machine Learning Engineer

Business Intelligence Analyst

Data Analyst