Our mission is a dual mission of research and teaching in mathematics and statistics, as well as service to the campus and the community.

Our mission as a research department is that our regular faculty members will maintain current and active research programs. They will publish in scholarly publications and present their research at national and international conferences. They will try to obtain funding for their research and for training their graduate students. The research done by the faculty informs their teaching and allows them to bring up to date information about the field to their graduate and undergraduate students. In addition, their knowledge of cutting edge research and technology can be shared with local industry and other constituents in the community.

Our website has links that will let you see some of the research activities of our faculty.

As a teaching department, our regular faculty, teaching faculty and adjunct faculty will bring breadth and rigor to the teaching of mathematics and statistics. We expect that new teaching methods and technology will be adopted if they help our teaching mission, and that additional courses will be created as new fields develop. Our commitment to teaching is from the lowest level of remedial mathematics to the highest doctoral level. We also teach a number of service courses that help students from other disciplines learn the computer skills and the mathematics/statistics skills that they need.

Trained experts in mathematics and statistics are important for the state of Missouri and the nation as well. Our mission is to encourage students from diverse backgrounds, including mathematically weak backgrounds, to aspire towards such expertise. Our courses are taught both day and evening in order to accommodate a variety of students.

A major goal of our BA and BS degrees in mathematics to create a workforce rigorously trained in these fields. In addition, we assist in training future high school mathematics teachers through our cooperation with the College of Education in the BSEd program. We also offer an undergraduate certificate in Actuarial Studies. We train students at the Masters level, and they go into industry, teaching or research after their MA. Several such graduates go on to PhD or professional programs. Our PhD program in mathematical and computational sciences has options in mathematics, computer science and statistics and is designed to accommodate the working adult as well traditional students.

As the Department of Mathematics Statistics at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, we provide in the city and county of St. Louis an affordable public education that trains our students with comprehensiveness and rigor.