Coursework Completed in the US

Undergraduate coursework completed in the United States is transferred to your student record 10-15 business days after an official transcript has been received. Although UMSL Global processes the applications for all international applicants, undergraduates are encouraged to contact the Office of Transfer Services with questions about US transfer credit. 

International Coursework

Students who have attended a college or university outside of the US may be eligible for undergraduate transfer credit. Follow the steps below in order to have your international coursework reviewed for credit at UMSL.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I appeal a transfer credit decision?

What is a course description?

How can I obtain an official English translation?

What is the minimum grade I need to transfer a course?

Do I need to get a credential evaluation report?


How can I appeal a transfer credit decision?

The International Academic Advisor coordinates appeals with the departments in question. Students seeking an appeal should submit the following to 261 MSC:

    • A typed one-page letter that outlines the reasons for the appeal and provides supportive evidence.

    • An official course syllabus, in English, from the term during which you completed the course.

    • A separate letter for each course being appealed.

If dissatisfied with the result of the appeal, students can contact the International Academic Advisor to initiate an appeal to the dean of the respective unit.

The following, however, cannot be appealed:

    • Courses from non-accredited institutions

    • Courses from technical or vocational institutions

    • Technical, vocational, or remedial courses

    • English as a Second Language courses

    • First-Year Writing or Advanced Expository Writing courses

    • Physical Education courses

    • Courses with insufficient credit hours

    • Incomplete or failed courses

When composing your appeal letter, please keep the following in mind. A letter template can be found here.

    • This is a formal, written request that will be forwarded to a faculty member. It should be professional and persuasive.

    • The letter should provide relevant information with a source the faculty member can reference.

    • Give a complete link to any online resources.

    • If using another university as an example, provide the university name and a link to the institution's transfer credit policy.


What is a course description?

A course description is a detailed paragraph of what topics were covered in class. A sample is below:

POL SCI 1500 Introduction To Comparative Politics: 3 semester hours

This course introduces students to western and non-western systems. It examines similarities and differences in the basic political ideologies, structures, economies, social institutions and governmental processes of developed and developing countries. It also provides frameworks for understanding the cultures of the world that are the basis for formal economic and political institutions. In addition, the course examines the role of non-state institutions, including trans-national ones, in shaping national policies. It uses case studies from Africa, Asia, Latin America, as well as Europe, to enhance student understanding of comparative politics. (This course fulfills the cultural diversity requirement.)


My University cannot issue descriptions in English. How can I obtain an English translation?

If a certified translation is needed, please see our translation guidelines.


What is the minimum grade I need to transfer a course?

Grades of D or better will receive full credit at UMSL, provided the courses were completed at an accredited university. All grades will be considered on the same basis as those of an UMSL student. If a program requires an UMSL student to repeat a course with a D grade, then a transfer student would also be required to repeat the same course. Incomplete or failed courses cannot be considered for credit.


Do I need to get a credential evaluation report?

No. Unless a special circumstance requires a third-party evaluation, UMSL conducts its own reviews of international transcripts.

If a student does have an approved evaluation report (i.e. from WES), he or she must still submit official course descriptions to have coursework reviewed for transfer credit.