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Translation Requirements

If your university or high school only issues foreign-language documents, a precise word-for-word English translation is required.  Our office does not provide translation services. Students must arrange for translations with an authorized service at their own expense.

Please note that all documents submitted become the property of the University. They cannot be returned or released to the applicant.

Review the translation guidelines carefully:

  • If your university or high school issues documents in English, third-party translations cannot be considered. Please request English language documents from your institution.

  • Official foreign language documents must be submitted along with an official translation. Documents must be in an official envelope bearing the institution's stamp across the sealed flap.

  • If not included in the institution’s envelope, translations must be submitted in an envelope bearing the translator’s stamp across the sealed flap. Each page of the translation must also be stamped.

  • Documents translated by students are not acceptable unless they are certified by your institution or, if you are in the US, by a notary public. Each page of the translation must have the institution's or notary's stamp.

Authorized translation services include:

Missouri-based translation services:

If you are considering a translation service not listed above, please contact our office for advice.