Helpful Information for Teaching in Honors

If you have a question not addressed below, please contact Ann Marie Garrison.

Contract or Pay Issues

If you have any questions regarding compensation, contracts, etc., please contact Ann Marie.  As a reminder part-time salaries are paid as follows:  Fall, 4 equal pay periods (paid on the last day of the months of September, October, November, & December); Spring, 5 equal pay periods (paid on the last day of the months of January, February, March, April, & May).


Offices and Office Hours

For assistance with offices (assignments, keys, office hours), please contact Ann Marie or see the College's Office Assignments for full-time and part-time faculty.



If the computer or printer in your office isn’t working properly, please ask Ann Marie for assistance. Any IT Service requests must be approved in advance. 



A generic message has been put on adjunct office phones, directing students to contact faculty by email. For information about your Voicemail password, please contact Ann Marie. 



All Honors full-time and part-time faculty members have mailboxes located in the Honors College Administrative Office. Please check your mailbox periodically for important paperwork.  



Faculty members are provided with parking passes.  If you taught at UMSL last year, your parking pass will expire at the end of October.  Please register your car(s) online here.  You will receive a temporary pass until the new passes are available.  Parking is available in lot JJ (nearest to our building), along Laclede Lane (as posted), and in Parking Garage KK (near the College of Nursing).  Additional parking is available in Lot XX (north of the Villa Building) and Lots WW and VV (in front of Marillac Hall near the Metro-link station).  Parking does “settle down” after the first few weeks of the semester.  Please contact Ann Marie for Handicap Parking options.  If you drive an unregistered vehicle to campus, you can print a one-day temporary parking pass using the same link.  


The Honors College requires that you place your syllabus on Canvas for your course.  In addition, please submit a digital copy to Ann Marie Garrison. Thank you in advance.  If you would like any assistance with the construction of your syllabus, you should contact Kim Baldus, Associate Dean.


Canvas and MyView

Canvas is our current online course management system.  MyView is our Student Information system and also the place you will post grades.


Text Issues

If you have any concerns regarding textbooks or desk copies, please let Ann Marie know.


Copying and Scanning

There is a Xerox copy machine in C106 you may use for your printing and scanning needs. For assistance, please contact Ann Marie. 



Please call or email Ann Marie Klues if you need to cancel your class. Ann Marie can post the cancellation, along with any notes you might want to make regarding the class.  Please use Canvas to announce any unplanned absences to your students as well. 


Building Concerns

If you are experiencing any problems with your classroom or office (temperature control, water leaks, etc.), please let Ann Marie know. She will contact facilities.


Room Requests

If you need to reserve a room other than your regular classroom (including the Honors College Kitchen and Libraries), please let Ann Marie know. 



TritonCards are processed in the University’s TriitonCard Office, 190 Millennium Student Center, 314-516-8680.  


Course Evaluations

The Honors College has moved to electronic course evaluations. Instructions will be communicated via email toward the end of the semester. 

Helpful Faculty Forms

Honors College Handbook

Essay Evaluation Rubric

Honors Part-Time Faculty Office Assignments

Defining Plagiarism

Course Proposal Form -- Proposals are accepted at any time, but are especially welcome by November 30 for Fall classes and May 31 for Spring classes.