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Strasbourg Study Tour

During the three-week faculty-led immersion program, students complete projects and activities that prepare them for their visits and excursions, enhance their abilities to communicate with the local population, and deepen their cultural competence. To further increase their linguistic proficiency, students also attend classes at Institut Stralang and meet regularly with a French conversation partner from the University of Strasbourg.


Highlights of past programs include:


Undergraduate students take two courses and earn 6 credit hours towards their degree by the end of the program.

Students who have completed French 1002 take:

  • French 1199 (3 credits)
  • French 2199 (3 credits)

Students who have completed French 2101 or above take:

  • French 2199 (3 credits)
  • French 3199 (3 credits)

Graduate Students take one course and earn 3 credit hours.

  • French 5199 (3 credits)

How to Apply:

For more information or to apply, please visit UMSL Study Abroad or contact Professors Sandy Trapani or Violaine White at trapani@umsl.edu or whitevd@umsl.edu

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