A student who is not a native speaker and who has not begun language study at UMSL, but who believes that he or she can demonstrate the requisite proficiency level in French or Spanish to test out of a semester or more of language, may take a language placement test. Students seeking placement testing in Japanese must contact and make arrangements with the appropriate language coordinator.

Students may not take the exam more than once.  A student who has already begun language study at UMSL may only attempt to test out of the language requirement if their instructor recommends this option and makes arrangements through the Chair of Languages and Cultures.

For new students and incoming freshmen, please visit New Student Programs (click on the Placement Testing information link) for more information. If you plan to take a language during your first semester and feel that you may be able to test out of any language courses, please complete the language placement examination before attending your NSO (new students orientation) date.

To schedule a language placement exam, please contact Jim Karslake (jkarslake@umsl.edu) or Sandra Trapani (trapani@umsl.edu)