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Japan Study Tour

The Japan Study Tour is offered in even-numbered years and, while the itinerary varies from trip to trip, participants can look forward to an astonishing array of authentic experiences in Tokyo, Nikko, and Nagano.


Highlights of past tours include:


  • Undergraduate students can earn three credits in INTL BUS 3283 (Japanese Business & Society), JAPAN 3210 (Japanese Culture & Society), or HONORS 4900 (Independent Study in Honors; Honors College permission required)
  • Graduate students can earn three credits in INTL BUS 5289 (International Business Strategies).
  • A non-credit option is available for community members who wish to take part in the tour without receiving academic credit.

Student Experiences:

Shawn: "This whole experience has been unforgettable, impactful, just magical..."

Brittany: "After being in Japan a little more than two weeks, I've grown to love this country more than I thought possible."

Emily: "Something I learned is that I should not be afraid to try to use the Japanese that I know. It stuns the person you are talking to and also shows them that you are actually trying to learn their language and they really appreciate that!"

Molly: "The trip was incredibly important to me educationally, regarding my major and life goals, but also for me personally."

Amy: "All of the company visits have been helpful for me as I get to closer to graduation and start job hunting to see the different options."

Harper: "It was seriously one of the best experiences I have ever had. It was like standing in their shoes and their culture and just absorbing everything. This trip was spectacular and I would do it again in a heartbeat because the professors were magnificent, the students were willing to put themselves out there, and Japan was just beyond expectation. I expected Tokyo to be New York City, but it was most definitely not. It was utopia."

How to Apply:

For more information or to apply, please visit UMSL Study Abroad or contact Professor Amy Michael at michaela@umsl.edu.

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