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Costa Rica Study Tour

The Costa Rica program is offered every Winter Intersession and is ideal for students looking to finish the language requirement (Spanish III) or accelerate their minor or major studies in Spanish (Spanish 2199 or 3199).  Students will live with host families, attend language classes, complete projects and activities on excursions to tropical forests, islands, and other important sites. The course is designed to improve your Spanish speaking ability and deepen your cultural competency in two weeks.


  • Three credit hours of Spanish 2101 (Spanish III), Spanish 2199, or Spanish 3199
  • Students stay with host families
  • Trips to both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts
  • Stay a weekend in a tropical forest and explore the local flora and fauna
  • Receive intensive language instruction
  • Visit local museums


Students who have completed Spanish 1002 take:

  • Spanish 2101 (3 credits)

Students who have completed Spanish 2101 take:

  • Spanish  2199 (3 credits)

Students who have completed two courses beyond Spanish 2101 take:

  • Spanish 3199 (3 credits)

Student Experiences:

“Costa Rica was a beautiful experience.  The professors were kind, patient, and understanding.  The curriculum was challenging and yet it reinforced principles and concepts previously learned.  I highly recommend it for the future.” -Anthony

How to Apply:  For more information or to apply, please visit UMSL Study Abroad or contact Professor Tim Abeln: abelnt@umsl.edu

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