The Department of Language and Cultural Studies offers undergraduate and graduate level coursework for students seeking a foreign language teacher certification and for foreign language teachers in need of graduate credit in their field of concentration.  

Students seeking the Bachelor of Science in Education, with a concentration in a foreign language, must complete 30 hours of coursework in a foreign language (excluding credit for Language 1001 and 1002) of which 9 hours must be at the 4000 level.

Students working toward a degree in elementary education, with related work in a foreign language, should consult the College of Education concerning their program.

Students holding a B.A. in a modern language and seeking foreign language teacher certification must have completed 30 hours of coursework in that language. The Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview will determine whether candidates demonstrate sufficient language proficiency or if they should take additional coursework in the language.

UMSL’s Department of Education also offers a Masters of Education with an emphasis in a foreign language.

For more information about the B.S. Ed., Teacher Certificate, and M.Ed. programs, please visit the Department of Education’s webpage.

For advising, please contact Kimberly Prather (

French, German, and Spanish teachers from the Metropolitan St. Louis area who wish to participate in UMSL’s Advanced Credit Program can enroll in our graduate courses to receive credit in their area of concentration. Faculty members serve as liaisons between the university and the participating high schools and organize yearly professional development workshops.  For more information, visit UMSL ACP Program’s website.

Most graduate courses are taught in the target language. Topics and courses are selected according to students’ needs and interests. Here are a few examples of classes offered in French, German, and Spanish:

  • Special Topics in French and Francophone Studies (Tourism, War, The Ethics of Care)
  • Special Topic in German Studies: The Weimar Republic, Kinderliteratur
  • Spanish: Advanced Spanish Sociolinguistics, Advanced Grammar, Spanish for the Sciences, Creative Writing, Special Topics Courses in Literature or Culture (Cultural Identity and Memory in Post-War Spain, Magical Realism, Spanish Civil War: Literature, Art and Film)