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Pre-Health Advising

Welcome to UMSL Pre-Health!

It is our goal to help provide students with a clear understanding of the requirements and expectations of what it means to be a competitive applicant for the professional healthcare program of their choice.

The University of Missouri – St. Louis does not offer a degree in Pre-Health Studies. Students wishing to enter professional healthcare schools should pursue B.A. or B.S. degrees in the major(s) of their choice, while taking the courses necessary for admission to a professional healthcare school. Any of UMSL's 50+ undergraduate degrees can be considered on the pre-health track with a little planning.

Due to varying requirements for professional healthcare schools, students are encouraged to meet regularly with their faculty advisor and consult catalogs of the schools to which they intend to apply. It is also recommended that students consult official school guides published by national professional school associations, such as the MSAR.

Students interested in Nursing should contact the College of Nursing.

Pre-Health Areas of Study





Pre-Occupational Therapy

Pre-Optometry (3+4), BLS to OD


Pre-Physical Therapy

Pre-Physician Assistant



Pre-Veterinary Medicine