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Can’t decide on a major? No worries!

Below is the list of the Exploratory Pathways along with the associated majors. Students can choose a Pathway if still undecided on a major to determine what is most interesting and meaningful, while completing a variety of courses in several different subjects. This approach allows students to explore majors, but also maintain a plan for graduation.

Accounting, Business, Communication, Economics, Political Science, & Public Policy Administration

laptopThe Business & Geopolitics Pathway is intended for students that are intrigued by markets, trade, and political issues.  Students pursuing this route may have interests in domestic and international economic developments, the role that corporations and politics play a role in global issues, as well as how non-profit agencies help bring assistance to those in need.  Students can expect to learn how the world operates as a function of commerce and political affairs.

Curriculum (PDF)     Curriculum with Transfer Credit (PDF)

Communication, Entrepreneurship, General Fine Arts, Graphic Design, & Marketing

paletteThe Creativity & Design Pathway is intended for students with artistic and innovative perspectives.  Students considering this route tend to be self-starters who revel in the notion that they can devise their own path towards a meaningful career in any number of occupations.  People pursuing these types of majors should have a strong sense of self-confidence and the ability to translate what they are learning to world of work after graduation.

Curriculum (PDF)     Curriculum with Transfer Credit (PDF)

Criminology & Criminal Justice, Exercise Science & Wellness, Park and Museum Studies, Psychological Sciences, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Work, Sociology, & Youth and Adult Development

courthouseThe Education & Social Change Pathway is intended for students that are motivated to help improve society at the grassroots-level.  Students in this pathway are considering becoming educators (both in and out of classroom settings) with an intent of uncovering social issues and assisting those in need.  Students that choose this Pathway are particularly intrigued by working with people to make progress in their communities as an agent of change and hope.

Curriculum (PDF)     Curriculum with Transfer Credit (PDF)

Anthropology, English, History, & Philosophy

peopleThe Human Experience Pathway is intended for students that are motivated to critically examine components of human society and culture.  They may enjoy reading about historical events that have led to contemporary issues, studying similarities and differences of people from other countries, and/or writing creative short-stories or essays.  Students in this pathway can expect to explore how to process and document aspects of being a person in the world today.

Curriculum (PDF)     Curriculum with Transfer Credit (PDF)

Anthropology, International Business, International Relations, Languages, & Sociology

globeThe Interconnected World Pathway is intended for students that have a desire to study global issues and concepts.  Students pursuing this path understand that the world in which live has become 'smaller' due to technological innovation and we as a society should be learning more about others both near and far. 

Curriculum (PDF)     Curriculum with Transfer Credit (PDF)

Biology, Biochemistry & Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mathematics, & Physics

atomThe Mathematics & Scientific Research Pathway is intended for students that are fascinated by science, research, and how the universe operates.  Students can expect a thorough examination of natural sciences, and can opt to also dive further into physical sciences and mathematical research.  Those in this Pathway will gather the necessary skillsets to conduct research in a variety of scientific fields; students also interested in health sciences may also consider this Pathway.

 Curriculum (PDF)      Curriculum with Transfer Credit (PDF)

Biochemistry & Biotechnology, Computer Science, Computing Technology, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, & Information Systems

computerThe Technology & Innovation Pathway is intended for students that are fascinated by technology and role in plays in society.  Students will be exposed to majors that are directly-associated with technology in a variety of capacities including research, application, and business.  Those interested in these majors should also be prepared for an emphasis in mathematics.

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