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Department of Computer Science Faculty Academic Advisors for Undergraduates

Each student majoring in any program of the Department of Computer Science has an program advisor (also called faculty advisor) in the department, helping with course selection, navigating major requirements, deciding on a specific major, career choices, etc. Students should review their faculty  advisor’s page for information about office hours, email, contact, etc.

This is different from the college advisor (also called professional advisor) helping students with everything outside of the major program, including general education courses, degree audit, etc.

For students taking Cmp Sci 2261 (or transferring) meeting the faculty advisor is mandatory before an enrollment hold for the next semester is released, and the hold will repeat once a year.

A students is assigned a faculty advisor based on the first letter of the student' s last names and the specific major.

Student last name starts with

Advisor (click for more details)

BS in Computer Science and BS in Computing Technology


Keith Miller


Badri Adhikari


Nazire Koc


Mark Hauschild


Henry Kang

BS in Cybersecurity, Computer Science Emphasis


Lav Gupta

BS in Data Science, Computer Science Emphasis


Uday Chakraborty

Students may also contact the department chair, Prof. Cezary Janikow for assistance, if necessary or if having communication problems with their faculty advisor. Students are encouraged to print a current My Degree Audit report prior to their scheduled appointment with their faculty advisor.

Information on MyDegree can be found at here. Students should apply for graduation by the indicated deadlines here. Please also note that department majors are required to take the Major Field Test (recently waived) and participate in an exit interview during their last semester of study.