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Your goals are waiting to be reached at the UMSL Recreation and Wellness Center. The RWC is filled with a variety of state of the art equipment, group fitness classes, personal training, and wellness education. No matter what your fitness and wellness goals are, the RWC can help you achieve it!


April 11 – April 24

Spring back to class and to the Recreation and Wellness Center for six events to challenge your strength and fitness. Compete in all six events to earn points and prizes!

Event 1: Farmer’s Walk (Carry two dumbbells between a marked distance)
Event 2: Plate Pinch (Pinch two weight plates together and hold on for as long as possible)
Event 3: Deadlift Single (Any grip, sumo or conventional, no straps. Points assigned based off relative strength)
Event 4: 500-Meter Row (Fastest 500-meter row time)
Event 5: 2-Minute Burpee (As many burpees as possible within 2 minutes)
Event 6: Cliffhanger Challenge (Pull-ups until failure, BUT contestants may not use the same grip more than 10 repetitions in a row)

Sign-up in person at the front desk of the Recreation and Wellness Center. All events must be administered by a contest judge. One entry per-member and as always, good sportsmanship required. Compete with honor and have fun!

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Group Fitness Classes: Choose from over 30 group fitness classes each week to add fun and variety to your exercise routine. Each class will offer a great, unique workout and the opportunity to mingle with people who share your same fitness goals.  We offer classes that are great for people at all levels, from beginner to lifelong exerciser.

Fee Based Programs: These classes are the perfect way to learn a new skill or technique from a qualified instructor. Get personal attention in these progressive classes and learn new ways to stay fit.

Personal Training: If you are looking for a plan that is more customized to your needs and wants, Personal Training is for you.  Get individualized direction in reaching your health and fitness goals by meeting with one of our personal trainers to learn how to exercise safely, efficiently, and effectively. We offer solo, duet, or trio sessions. 

Fitness Certifications: Turn your passion for group fitness and personal training into a career! The RWC hosts instructor certification workshops taught by national fitness organizations (AFAA, ACE, Yoga fit, INSANITY®, etc.).

Ask Us: If you are working out on the fitness floor and have a question about the equipment, just ask our Fitness Floor Attendants. 



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