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Undergraduate Minor in Information Systems and Technology

Quick Facts

  1. Credit Hours: 15 (5 courses)
  2. STEM Designation: Yes
  3. Open To: All undergraduate majors except BS Cybersecurity


A 15 credit-hour minor in Cybersecurity open to all majors on campus (except BS Cybersecurity). Suitable for students who wish to add a technical background to their resume. Take courses that cover information security, cloud computing, networking and network security, and other high demand skill areas.

The Undergraduate Minor in Cybersecurity is designed to help students from all backgrounds achieve a foundation in Cybersecurity. It provides students the flexibility to focus on technical and/or managerial aspects of Cybersecurity. The program also allows students to choose from a range of electives based on student interests.

This minor serves a broad group of managers, technical specialists, and professionals enrolled in any baccalaureate degree at UMSL. A prior background in information security is not required to enter this program. This minor is available to current undergraduate students with any major at the University of Missouri-St. Louis except those majoring in Cybersecurity. Further, the minor may be added for up to two years following completion of any baccalaureate degree from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Declaring the Cybersecurity Minor

Talk to your academic advisor to formally declare the Cybersecurity Minor. Then start taking courses to complete your minor requirements (see below).

Cybersecurity Minor Requirements

  • All minors are 15 credit hours or 5 courses
  • Students must attain a 2.0 grade point average for all courses in the minor.
  • Students must attain a minimum grade of C- in each course included in the minor.
  • All courses in the minor must be on a graded basis.
  • A minimum of 9 credit hours of coursework included in the minor must be taken in residence at UMSL.
  • One must complete a baccalaureate degree at UMSL in order for a minor to be conferred.
  • A minor may be added for up to two years following completion of the baccalaureate degree



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