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IB Scholarships

The International Business Institute provides multiple scholarships for undergraduate or graduate students majoring in International Business:

David P. Gustafson Memorial Scholarship for Overseas Studies

International Business Scholarship

International Business Advisory Board Scholarship

International Business Fellows Scholarship

International Business Studies Matching Scholarship

Pang Yulam and Pang Kiyan Memorial Scholarship

Robert B. Vining Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Smith Family Study Abroad Business Scholarship

The College of Business Administration provides other scholarships for students studying in the College of Business Administration. 

Student Financial Services

Please check the Student Financial Services website for information about your eligibility for the federal student aid and for tuition information.

* IMBA students from our partner universities will be automatically granted the International MBA Non-resident Scholarships that cover the difference between nonresidents' and residents' fees. Students will pay resident fees when they study at UMSL. IMBA students from UMSL will pay fees according to the tuition schedule of the partner university where they study.