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International Business Advisory Board

The International Business Institute is a cross-disciplinary unit within the College of Business Administration which supports the College’s efforts in promoting International Business Education within the College. The IB Institute offers students a wide range of study areas including international business, global leadership, human resource management, strategic management, industrial organizational psychology and workforce development.

In order to ensure excellence, UMSL has created an International Business Advisory Board that consists of a select group of senior level executives/managers from local, regional, and international organizations. The purpose of the board is to provide advice, assistance, direction, and insight to UMSL Business and the International Business Institute. The Board will support the mission of UMSL Business School and the IB Institute – to create and disseminate knowledge through teaching and research, and to serve our students, our profession and the business community.

Read the full International Business Advisory Board Statement of Understanding.

International Business Advisory Board Members

Scott Bell

Independent Consultant

Former Vice President of Global Sales Operations


Steve Burrows

International Business Development Professional

Red Spider Consulting, LLC

Michael J. Costello

Founding Member

Agreeco, LLC

Michael Elliott

Interim Dean, College of Business Administration

University of Missouri-St. Louis

Lloyd “Henry” Evitts

Vice President, Manufacturing

H-J Enterprises Inc.

Norihito Furuya


IGB Network Co., Ltd. 

Brian Garcia

Vice President; Global Franchise Support

Enterprise Holdings 

Greg Gorman

Chief Growth Officer

Nidec Motor Corporation 

John Guckes

Chief Commercial Officer


Timothy J. Nowak

Executive Director

World Trade Center Saint Louis

Joseph Rottman

Director, International Business Institute

University of Missouri-St. Louis

Shaker Sadasivam

Co-founder and CEO

Auragent Bioscience 

Jay Shekelton


H-J International, Inc.

Ashley Shepard

Director, P-8 & C-40 Program Management, Boeing Global Services


Dave Shogren


US International Foods, LLC

Vinayak Rajagopal 

Retired Regional Director, South East Asia
International Government Services & Defense

Boeing Global Services

Jorge Toro

President and CEO


Tom Wilson

Vice President, Marketing at Bayer Crop Science

Bayer Crop Science