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Paul Matteucci (BSBA 1991)

Paul Matteucci was a 26-year-old, place-bound St. Louis resident in 1989 searching for a degree to transform his career from good to great. Paul’s quest led him to the University of Missouri–St. Louis, where he completed a BSBA in Management Information Systems in 1991 that would springboard a 40-year professional journey in information technology solutions that included the design and implementation of some of the largest mission-critical federal systems including the IRS, NASA, DHS, GSA and SEC.

The pinnacle of Matteucci’s career began in 2012 when he joined a small government technology services start-up, Attain, LLC, where he became a partner in 2016. Paul grew his business to more than $60 million in 2021 when it merged with corporate IT giant Maximus. He continued as a senior vice president at Maximus until his early retirement in June 2023 at age 60.

Paul Matteucci

“I have always thrived in an environment where I can empower team members to be creative and productive,” he said. “By leveraging an entrepreneurial spirit with my knowledge of information technology, I have been most fortunate to help others reach their full potential.”

While in school, he served as the first governor-appointed UMSL student curator from 1990 to 1992, raising awareness of UMSL’s unique mission of service to place-bound nontraditional students. Throughout his journey, Paul has never forgotten his experience at UMSL and has been eager to give back to his alma mater. He supported the expansion of the UMSL Alumni Association outside of St. Louis, most notably as host of events in Washington D.C. and during spring training in Florida as well as his establishment and gifts to the Vicki Sauter Scholarship Fund in support of nontraditional and minority students.

"Professor Sauter taught me to put clients in the center of my life and drive their success," Paul said. "This life lesson became the cornerstone of my career in IT and consulting and played a huge role in my success."

Paul’s clients are not his only priority. He also adopted six Romanian orphans ages 8-15 in 1999 and today he has ten grandchildren and one on the way.