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Mike Toohey (BLS '17, MS '22)

Rapid change through innovative technology – it is the constant that defines our modern way of life – and that is just the way Mike Toohey likes it. Mike parlayed a lifelong interest in computers with a passion for problem-solving to pursue his academic and professional dreams at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. Mike started out as a student consultant for UMSL Information Technology Services in the fall of 2000, working up to his current role as a principal system administrator. Through the years, he has worked on many different university initiatives and is as excited as ever about putting his stamp on the next big project. 

Mike Toohey

"Technology is constantly evolving, and with more convenient technologies like mobile devices, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, we have to be responsible consumers in keeping our business and personal resources safe from risks like ransomware, malware and even social engineering."  

Mike spent years on parallel tracks at UMSL, building an IT career during the day while spending two decades as a nontraditional student, exploring undergraduate course work in cybersecurity, communications, math and computer science in route to a BLS in 2017. Afterwards, he completed a master's in information systems in 2022 to increase his value to the university. Mike has been honored as an UMSL Hero and is a respected colleague throughout the university campus and across the University of Missouri system.  

"Most will never understand or see the technology infrastructure that enables student learning and employee productivity, but Mike is keenly aware how each piece of the puzzle fits into our collective efforts," said Justin Roberts, UMSL Associate Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communications. "Day or night, Mike is a responsive, collaborative and engaged colleague who works tirelessly to support the technology infrastructures that advance this university."