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Marie Casey (BS 1978)

Marie Casey has an enduring love of life stories. Born and raised in the Northwoods neighborhood in the Normandy area of St. Louis, Marie got the chance to explore her passion thanks to her mom, who encouraged reading, writing and art from a young age.

"My mom, who taught primary students at Mark Twain School, took me, my six sisters and brother, to the St. Louis County Library every other Friday night," she said. "I found the biographies the most captivating."

Marie, who graduated summa cum laude from the University of Missouri–St. Louis in 1978 with bachelor’s degrees in political science and speech communications, parlayed her passion into a storybook career in journalism, marketing communications and writing. She has authored a dozen books, as well as videos and exhibits, chronicling the legacies of families, unions and notable St. Louis-based companies, including Drury Hotels, Reinsurance Group of America and Schnuck Markets.

Besides her mom’s influence, Marie credits her success as a storyteller to the supportive and affirming community she discovered at UMSL while learning and working as a student.

Marie Casey

“I experienced the generosity of so many professors, staff and fellow students who were helpful and encouraging, many of whom remain a part of my life to this day," Marie said. "The quality of teaching and level of engagement were extraordinary.”

Marie says there were many memorable moments during her time at UMSL, including her work as a reporter and news editor for the student newspaper, The Current, and the honor of her nomination as an UMSL Rhodes Scholar. UMSL is also where Marie met her future husband, Kenn Entringer, and where their daughter Anna earned her first degree.

After graduation, Marie joined St. Louis Construction News and Review, serving as staff writer and editor. In 1983, she founded Casey Communications to provide marketing communications services, working with design and construction firms, financial services and technology companies, labor management organizations and schools. She later expanded to serve many of St. Louis’ most recognized entrepreneurial organizations.

Marie has served on many nonprofit boards, including the Missouri Historical Society, the St. Louis Mercantile Library and several UMSL boards. She has received numerous honors, including the St. Louis Forum Trailblazer Award, the UMSL Distinguished Service Award and the UMSL Trailblazer Award.

As her life story continues to unfold, she is especially proud of her continued involvement with UMSL as a member of the Chancellor’s Council.

"Our spirit of transformation is accomplished by individuals and groups working in community with each other," she said. "This university not only changes lives but is also a tremendous community anchor, lifelong support network for students and alums and a powerful launch pad for students."