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We’ve set a goal of 60,000 hours of volunteerism and service. Help us achieve this goal by logging your hours after each act of service.

Submit Your Volunteer & Service Hours

Submit your volunteerism service on behalf of yourself or you can submit on behalf of a group or organization. Our 60th anniversary goal is 60,000 hours of volunteerism and service.

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Who Can Participate?

Anyone who loves University of Missouri-St. Louis is eligible to participate. It doesn't matter who you are; all that matters is that you have a desire to give back to your community.

How to Participate

Find an individual, an organization, or a cause that needs help and give them your most precious gift – your time and talents. You can mentor a student, coach a youth basketball team, teach a Sunday school class, or work a shift at your local food bank. Any act of service and volunteerism counts.

As you accumulate your hours, submit them! You can log hours as often as you like, and there is no limit on the number of submissions. You can also record hours on behalf of a group or organization. The entire process will take less than one minute to complete.

Many of you are already volunteering and serving your communities, so keep up the excellent work and make sure to submit your hours as you complete them.

Time Period

Please submit hours that you worked from August 21, 2023, until May 11, 2024.

Share Your Photos & Videos

If you have photos/video of your volunteer efforts, please share them with us via email at 60@umsl.edu.

St. Louis Area Individual Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the St. Louis community for individuals to get involved. If you would like to learn more about ways to volunteer today, please visit the United Way of Greater St. Louis website to get connected.

Service Hours Submitted

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