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Dr. Ketosha Harris (BS '14)

Dr. Ketosha Harris once stood on the precipice of a deeply personal decision – whether or not to return to academia as a single parent after a sustained absence. It was a seminal moment for the University of Missouri–St. Louis graduate, who eventually followed her heart back to her alma mater, where she first earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and criminology in 2014. After completing a master’s degree in adult higher education in 2017, Ketosha finished her academic triathlon with a doctorate in educational practices and social justice in 2022. Keotosha has never second-guessed the decision to further her education at UMSL thanks to the safety net for professional development the university provided.

Dr. Ketosha Harris

"Through every friendship and experience, the UMSL journey has been priceless and has served as a springboard in shaping my career," Dr. Ketosha Harris said. "I believe UMSL is a beacon of light and hope for the St. Louis region, and as a light bearer, my passion is to continue to serve and reach all people within the remote and dark complexities of our social systems." 

Currently, Ketosha is the homeless services program manager for the City of St. Louis, where she leads and supervises contract compliance officers and outreach teams, negotiates contracts and analyzes data while serving diverse at-risk populations. Ketosha was previously in the St Louis City’s Building Division and the Office of Public Safety. She was also an instructor and outreach coordinator with Emmanuel Temple Church. 

Ketosha also serves on the UMSL Legislative Advocacy Committee and is a board member of A Red Circle, providing sustained, focused attention to the racial equity issues that impact North St. Louis County to build a stronger community.