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Dr. Leonora Muhammad (BSN '11)

Dr. Leonora Muhammad, a 2011 graduate of the University of Missouri–St. Louis College of Nursing, credits the university with shaping her desire to contribute to society.

After earning her BSN from UMSL, Leonora earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice and has utilized her expertise to help lead and serve others in her field. A past adjunct clinical instructor at UMSL’s College of Nursing, she has served as president of the Black Nurses Association of Greater St. Louis and as a director of the board of the National Black Nurses Association and a trustee of the board for the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare.

dr laura muhammad

“My experience with UMSL has been inspiring since I first stepped foot on the campus in 1997 for a presentation with the St. Louis Internship Program, to my BSN completion in 2011, where I had the opportunity to be led by an extraordinary instructor, Dr. Wilma Calvert, to my opportunity to be awarded the Alumni award and speak at the commencement ceremony,” she said. “UMSL prepares students with a solid foundation to achieve their dreams, soar in their chosen career paths and contribute to their society."

A leader in her profession, Dr. Muhammad works to provide high-quality, culturally sensitive treatment and healing to each and every patient in her care. Currently, Leonora is the SVP, Associate Chief Nurse Officer at YesCare, a leading correctional healthcare company. She is also the CEO and Founder of the SiiN Institute, which assists international nursing students in passing the US NCLEX exam.