Dr. Meuser and his colleagues in Gerontology provide something called "developmental advising" to all students. Developmental advising is a collaborative discussion aimed at linking student interests and goals with the academic process and course planning. Courses are selected to address both personal interests and to create a plan of study that will address immediate and longer-term career objectives.

The Advising Guide lists the courses and basic requirements for students pursuing the MSG and/or Graduate Certificate. Our curriculum and course offerings were updated for the 2012-13 academic year and beyond. The status of past (archived) and current (active) 4xxx and above courses is outlined here.

The Gerontology Program Bulletin – the official programmatic document for the University – defines all course requirements and options in depth.

The Program Director, Dr. Tom Meuser, provides all course-related counseling and advising. As much as possible, Dr. Meuser helps new students “map out” their plans of study prior to the first semester in the program, and then he reviews this plan ahead of each subsequent semester. Contact Dr. Meuser by e-mail ( or by phone (314-516-5421) to schedule an advising appointment.

Dr. Meuser schedules an "advising week" for current students in October, March, and June of each year. The MyView System does not allow students to register until an advising appointment has occurred and the student has been cleared. Debra Garcia, Office Supervisor, also assists students in this clearance, permissions numbers (e.g., for practicum courses) and the registration process. She can be reached on weekday mornings by e-mail ( and by phone (314-516-5280).