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Advising in the Department of Sociology is shared among faculty members.

The Sociology Department understands that navigating a university and finding out how to satisfy all degree requirements can be difficult. We are therefore eager to help you through advising.

Advising in the College of Arts and Sciences happens in two places: the professional advisors in the CAS advising office and the departmental advisors who are faculty members

Sociology faculty advisors listen to department major and minor students and help them plan the best course to achieve each student’s academic goal. We aspire to meet with each Sociology department major at least once a year (usually in October-November). It is especially important for all students who are within one calendar year of graduation to meet with an advisor. 

You are welcome to meet with any faculty member for advising, but your initially assigned department advisors are as follows:

General Advising (aspiring majors and all minors):   Mr. Jim Craig

Bachelors of Arts in Sociology Advising:   Dr. Larry Irons

Bachelor of Science in Sociology Advising: Dr. Rachel Craft  (A-M) and Dr. Elaina Johns-Wolfe (N-Z)

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership: Dr. Bob Cote


What Faculty Advisors Can Do

  • Help you determine whether a major or minor in Sociology is right for you
  • Help you sort out requirements for the BS vs. BA majors, the various minors, and the concentration areas in Sociology
  • Converse with you about best-fit classes, potential internships and independent studies
  • Share thoughts about future careers in Sociology, BS/BA-level jobs, and graduate school options
  • Help you navigate the graduate school application process
  • Point you in the direction of resources outside this office when necessary 


What Faculty Advisors Cannot Do

  • Advise you on requirements and courses in other departments, including the General Education curriculum
  • Determine the eligibility of sociology course equivalencies from other institutions
  • Register you for your classes or work through your schedule to plug in specific classes
  • Apply or clear holds on your account
  • Issue or process paperwork necessary for you to claim a major or minor, process a grade modification, or file for graduation
  • Make determinations about financial aid, admissions, etc.
  • If you require any of the above services or you just want a place to start, please visit the advising office in the  Marcus Allen Advising Center . The professional advisors are as follows: