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Women Office Holders - City of St. Louis

The following is a list of elected officials in the City of St. Louis.

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The Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life

Last updated 04/07/2017

Lyda Krewson Mayor D
Darlene Green Comptroller D
Kim Gardner Circuit Attorney D
Sharon Quigley Carpenter Recorder of Deeds D
Mavis T. Thompson, Esq. License Collector D
Tishaura O. Jones Treasurer D

Currently: 6/8 citywide elected officials = 75.0% (D=6; R=0)

Board of Aldermen    
Sharon Tyus Ward 1 D
Dionne Flowers Ward 2 D
Tammika Hubbard Ward 5 D
Christine Ingrassia Ward 6 D
Sarah Wood Martin Ward 11 D
Beth Murphy Ward 13 D
Carol Howard Ward 14 D
Megan E. Green Ward 15 D
Marlene Davis Ward 19 D
Cara Spencer Ward 20 D
Pam Boyd Ward 27 D
Currently: 11/28 Aldermen = 39.3%. (D = 11; R=0)