There Are So Many Ways To Play!

Our premium facilities feature everything you'd expect to find at a private gym. We boast spacious locker rooms, saunas, fitness centers, an indoor track, a full size gymnasium, an olympic sized pool, indoor raquet courts, and more. 

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We are located on UMSL campus in 203 Mark Twain Building, 1 University Blvd. , St. Louis, MO 63121.

General operating hours vary from day to day. Always check our schedule to ensure we're open and available.

There's so much more than you might expect, check out all the extras at RecSports.

Fitness Areas 
No matter what you're looking for, chances are it's in one of our fitness areas. Don't forget to warm up by doing a lap or two on our indoor track!

With one full gymnasiums, and two half sized balconies there's bound to be room to play.

An 25m pool has room to splash around and even do a few laps. Check it out!

Racquet Sports 
Featuring four indoor raquet courts, and tennis courts outside there's never a wait to test your stamina.

Field Sports 
One multi-purpose field goes a long way!

Memberships are available on a pro-rated basis for the remainder of the year.