Our Mission

The Medicinal Chemistry Group (MCG) looks to apply our expertise in synthetic, organic, and medicinal chemistry to solving problems in a wide range of research areas. We encourage and seek partnerships and collaborations with both academic and industry investigators.

About Us

The MCG was established on the campus of the University of Missouri-St. Louis in July, 2010. Currently, we reside in approximately 2,800 square feet of fully equipped, state-of-the-art medicinal chemistry lab space at ITE: Innovative Technology Enterprises, UMSL's biotechnology and IT incubator. The MCG was started by a small group of ex-Pfizer research scientists as part of a collaboration with Saint Louis University's Center for World Health & Medicine (CWHM). The aim of this collaboration is to develop novel small-molecule therapies in a wide range of therapeutic areas including a special emphasis on orphan and neglected diseases with the goal of bringing affordable new medicines to the developing world. This powerful public/private collaboration directly responds to the gap that currently exists in neglected disease research: translating basic research discoveries into affordable, accessible and clinically useful therapies.

In addition to our collaboration with the CWHM, and as part of our extensive background in the pharmaceutical industry, we provide services in several areas including the design and synthesis of novel small molecules as potential therapeutic agents, general organic synthesis, and development of methods to identify potential clinical or lead candidates. We also possess extensive experience in identifying tractable leads from high-throughput screens, hit-to-lead optimization and in silico based design.