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The Inaugural Trailblazers event was in 1995 with Mr. Norman Seay as the Director of Equal Opportunity. In celebration of Women’s History Month, women faculty, staff, students and alumnae who were the first to occupy positions traditionally held by men, and/or have worked to forge new pathways for women, and/or have contributed significantly to the University and/or community are recognized at the Trailblazer event. The mission is to recognize and celebrate the diverse and historic accomplishments of women.

Alphabetical Listing of Previous Trailblazer Awardee's

National Women's History Project


2013 Trailblazer Ceremony

(From left to right) Chancellor Thomas George, Evelyn Moore, Patricia Wolff (Guest Speaker), Jane Miller, Therese Macan, Jessica Bleile, and Linder Williams. 

2013 Trailblazer Awards

For more images of this year's event click here.  Photos by Alicia Hottle-Sippy.

Past Trailblazer Awardee's

Jessica N. Bleile
Therese Macan
Jane A. Miller
Evelyn N. Moore
Linder P. Williams

Priscilla Dowden-White
Kay Gasen
Nancy Gleason
Ambumulire Itimu-Phiri
Patricia Rich

Melissa D. Alper
Terry V. Freerks
Janet A. Scott
Natissia S. Small
Marisa X. Smith

Deborah K. Baldini
Lauren Masterson-Rodriguez
Dayna M. Stock
Theresa (Tessa) Trelz

Sonya Bahar
Charlotte Claeys
Judith Walker de Felix
Hazel M. Erby
Diane Touliatos-Miles
Laura X (Laura Rand Orthwein, Jr.)

Abigail Birhanu
Antionette d. Dickens
Sally Barr Ebest
Enda Campos Gravenhorst
Zuleyma Tang Martinez

* Renaissance Trailblazer
   The Honorable Cheryl Walker 

Olivia Ayes
Ann Chisholm
Tracy E. Hart
Lynda L. Lieberman
Nancy M. Magnuson
Orinthia T. Montague
Nanora L. Sweet

Glen H. Cope
Maria (Curtis) Kerford
Deborah Henry
Donna Morrow
Chris L. Wright

Marie Casey
Barbara Harbach
Kristin Runde
Marcia Mellitz
Rita H. Days

Miriam Gutting
Stephanie Bell
Paula Perkins Bryant
Hazel L. Kohring
Susan K. Feigenbaum




Susan E. Brownell
Stacy L. Campbell
Margaret W. Cohen
Vivian L. Eveloff
Deirdre C. Gallagher

Anne C. Ream
Vicki L. Sauter
Jayne E. Stake
Sherri B. Sullivan
April R. Woods

Ruth A. Bryant
Sheilah F. Clarke Ekong
Patricia A. Resick
Gloria L. Schultz
Connie Hager Silverstein Burkhardt

Katharine T. Corbett
Patricia A. Ford
Sharon G. Levin
Margaret B. Hartung
Victoria Sork
The Honorable Harriett Woods

Sharon Biegen
Marilyn E. Ditto
Joyce Marie Mushaben
Suzanna Rose
Anita Wray

Janice Taylor Cataldi
Therese A. Cristiani
Deborah Douglas
Frances L Hoffman
Bridgette Jenkins
Judith Elizabeth Titlow
Haruko Watanabe

Elizabeth M. Clayton
Patricia Ann Dolan
Joan Kelly Horn
Malaika B. Horne
Deborah A. Kettler
Mimi LaMarca
Gloria J. Leonard
Shirley Martin
Kathleen T. Osborn
Betty Van Uum

Marguerite Ross Barnett
Mary S. Gillispie
Brenda Stith Loftin
Janet Robertson
Blanche M. Touhill
Carol Elaine Usery

*No Trailblazer awards were given
in 1996

Alphabetical Listing of Previous Trailblazer Awardee's

Ms. Melissa D. Alper
Ms. Olivia Ayes
Dr. Sonya Bahar
Dr. Deborah Baldini
Ms. Stephanie Bell
Dr. Sharon Biegen
Ms. Abigail Birhanu
Ms. Jessica N. Bleile
Dr. Susan Brownell
Ms. Ruth A. Bryant
Ms. Connie Burkhardt
Ms. Stacy Campbell
Ms. Marie A. Casey
Ms. Janice Taylor Cataldi
Ms. Ann Chisholm
Ms. Charlotte Claeys
Dr. Sheilah F. Clarke Ekong
Dr. Elizabeth Clayton
Dr. Margaret Cohen
Dr. Glen H. Cope
Ms. Katharine T. Corbett
Ms. Anita M. (Wray) Corbin
Dr. Therese A. Cristiani
The Honorable Rita H. Days
Ms. Antionette D. Dickens
Ms. Marilyn E. Ditto
Ms. Patricia Dolan
Ms. Deborah Douglas
Dr. Priscilla Dowden-White
Dr. Sally Barr Ebest
The Honorable Hazel M Erby
Ms. Vivian Eveloff
Dr. Susan Feigenbaum
Ms. Patricia A. Ford
Dr. Terry V. Freerks
Ms. Deirdre Gallagher
Ms. Kay Gasen
Ms. Mary S. Gillespie
Ms. Nancy Gleason
Ms. Edna Campos Gravenhorst
Mrs. Miriam Gutting
Dr. Barbara Harbach
Ms. Tracy E. Hart
Dr. Margaret B. Hartung
Dr. Deborah Henry
Dr. Frances L. Hoffman
The Honorable Joan Kelly Horn
Dr. Malaika Horne
Ms. Ambumulire Itimu-Phiri
Dr. Bridgette Jenkins
Ms. Maria (Curtis) Kerford
Ms. Deborah Kettler

Mrs. Hazel Kohring
Ms. Mimi J. LaMarca
Ms. Gloria J. Leonard
Dr. Sharon G. Levin
Ms. Lynda L. Lieberman
The Honorable Brenda Stith Loftin
Dr. Theresa Macan
Dr. Nancy M. Magnuson
Dr. Shirley A. Martin
Dr. Zuleyma Tang Martinez
Ms. Lauren Materson-Rodriguez
Ms. Marcia B. Mellitz
Dr. Jane A. Miller
Ms. Orinthia T. Montague
Ms. Evelyn N. Moore
The Honorable Donna Morrow
Dr. Joyce M. Mushaben
Ms. Kathleen T. Osborn
Mrs. Paula Perkins Bryant
Dr. Anne C. Ream
Dr. Patricia A. Resick
Ms. Patricia Rich
Ms. Janet Robertson
Dr. Suzanna M. Rose
Dr. Marguerite Ross Barnett
Ms. Kristin Runde
Dr. Vicki Sauter
Ms. Gloria L. Schultz
Ms. Janet A. Scott
Ms. Natissia S. Small
Ms. Marisa X. Smith
Dr. Victoria L. Sork
Dr. Jayne Stake
Ms. Dayna M. Stock
The Honorable Sherri B. Sullivan
Dr. Nanora L. Sweet
Ms. J. Elizabeth Titlow
Dr. Blanche M. Touhill
Dr. Diane Touliatos-Miles
Ms.Therese (Tessa) Trelz
Ms. Carol Elaine Usery
Ms. Elizabeth Van Uum
Dr. Judith Walker de Felix 
Ms. Haruko Watanabe
Ms. Linder P. Williams
The Honorable Harriett Woods
Ms. April Woods
Dr. Chris L. Wright
Ms. Laura X (Laura Rand Orthwein, Jr.)
* Renaissance Trailblazer
   The Honorable Cheryl Walker