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Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands, Europe

Program Type: UMSL Exchange Program through the MAUI-Utrecht Network Exchange Consortium open to undergraduate and graduate students

Language of Instruction: English and/or Dutch

UMSL Term Abroad: Academic Year, Spring (Utrecht University); Academic Year, Fall, Spring (Roosevelt College or Utrecht College University), or fee-paying Summer

Approximate Dates Abroad (Utrecht University): 
Academic Year: September - February
Spring Semester: February - Late June

Roosevelt College and Utrecht College University have dates similar to a U.S. Academic Calendar

Application Deadline: We encourage applicants to this program to apply by the first deadline - your chances of admission are increased by doing so. Students interested in competitive locations, such as this one, should apply in February of the year academic year prior to term. For example, if you are interested in the Spring 2016, apply in January 2015. 

UMSL Study Abroad Eligibility Requirements


Subjects Available:


The University: UMSL Students may participate in study at Utrecht University, University College Utrecht (UCU) and Roosevelt Academy (RA), the international honours colleges of UU, are also open to exchange students if GPA is (at least) 3.0 or more. It is not possible to combine courses from UCU, RA and UU.

Utrecht University: The programmes of Utrecht University meet strict quality standards and offer students an activating learning environment as well as good-quality support and supervision. From its students, the University expects commitment, engagement and the ambition to get the best out of themselves.  

Roosevelt Academy: An honors college. Roosevelt Academy is made up of four departments: Academic Core, Arts & Humanities, Science, and Social Science. University College Roosevelt students are expected to participate actively in lectures and classes (16 contact hours per week) by means of presentations, discussions and essays/papers. You will be assessed at various points each semester. For instance, you will be required to write weekly essays or papers, lead discussions and take tests. UCR attaches great importance to the personal attention and supervision of all its students. Throughout your programme, you will be supported by a tutor who will advise you on a wide range of issues, including those outside of the scope of your programme such as what you would like to do after graduation.

The University College Roosevelt campus is in fact the city centre of Middelburg. At its heart is the former town hall, a historical Gothic building where the Academy staff and lecturers are based and several teaching rooms are located. All academic buildings and student houses are just a stone’s throw away from each other. 

University College Utrecht: An honors college. Students to a large extent develop their own specific and individual curriculum, driven by their motivation for learning, by the questions and issues they want to pursue academically, and by their ambitions. There are some curriculum requirements, of course. Students are required, for example, to take classes across the three departments (Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences) and to complete two ‘tracks’ (sequences of courses up to the advanced level) within the department of their major.

Academics:  Utrecht University offers over 200 courses in English that are open to exchange students. Each year students from all over the world come to Utrecht to experience Dutch culture and society, and the high level of academic offerings. Academic Selections depend on the program.

Housing: Utrecht is the most popular university town in the Netherlands, so the demand for student housing is very high. It is therefore absolutely necessary to start looking for accommodation as soon as possible.Utrecht University works with with SSH Short Stay. This local housing corporation offers temporary furnished housing. They reserve a range of furnished accommodation in and around Utrecht especially for international students of Utrecht University. 

A typical aspect of student housing in the Netherlands is that you live with other students in a house or flat and share the kitchen, bathroom, washing machine etcetera. The rooms are often modest but comfortable. This also goes for SSH Short Stay accommodation. 

Activities and Programs: Together, Utrecht University and the city of Utrecht create a comfortable environment for students to study in. Utrecht has a bustling student community, which offers plenty of opportunity for extracurricular activities. There are many different student organisations and societies in Utrecht. Utrecht University has its own cultural centre Parnassos which provides you with plenty of opportunities to explore your talents via the performing arts and creative workshops. De Uithof also provides you with excellent sports facilities at Olympos.

Utrecht is an outstanding place to study, harbouring 150 student organisations and offering many sports and cultural facilities. Utrecht University encourages students to lead an active student life, making time for other activities and for developing a broad perspective on society.


Location:  The University is situated in Utrecht, a lively student city located in the heart of the Netherlands and considered the ‘gateway to Europe’. An inspiring city which nurtures talent and creativity. A young, dynamic city which both has and offers many opportunities to those ready to grasp them. A large, expanding city characterised by a personal, human approach. An intelligent city, which meets new challenges and ambitions with innovation and sustainability.

Utrecht has a rich history going back almost 2,000 years, and an architectural legacy that includes both ancient and completely contemporary buildings. Utrecht maintains its old inner-city, with its gracious parks and picturesque canals, cafes and concert halls. The impressive Dom tower looms above the city centre. Below the Dom lie international restaurants, cinemas, clubs and boutiques that give Utrecht its unique, stimulating atmosphere.

The Dutch tend to have an international outlook on life. The majority of the population speaks English, regularly travels abroad and is used to the fact that their neighbours may originally come from other countries. At Utrecht University, some 130 nationalities work and study closely together. It is easy to get by in the Netherlands without knowing any Dutch since most people have a basic or good knowledge of English and are usually quite willing to practice it.

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Cost Estimates for 2014-15*

Use the Budget Worksheet to compare the below cost to your personal budget or living on campus at UMSL.

Tuition $3,789.60
HTH mandatory insurance $175.00
Books and course materials $150.00
Accommodations $3,000.00
Meals & Personal Expenses $1,100.00
Airfare $1,700.00
Local Transportation $150.00
Other $650.00
TOTAL $11,739.60


Course Equivalencies: Each student is responsible for researching what courses are available to take and for obtaining an UMSL equivalent course. The UMSL equivalent course number is the course for which you will receive credit on your UMSL transcript. Finding courses to take while you are abroad requires some time and research. More information is on the course equivalency page.

Upon Acceptance: Students will be required to submit supplemental materials, purchase HTH insurance, and participate in a mandatory orientation. More information will be distributed to all accepted students.

* UMSL tuition fees are based on 12 undergraduate credit hours at the 2014/15 rate - 2015/16 tuition rate TBA April 2015. Non-resident fees may apply.
* Costs are based off a four month semester.
* Airline estimate based off of online search.
* Please note that expenses are ESTIMATES. Costs vary depending on the exchange rate, the inflation rate, individual spending habits, and amount of extra travel. The cost estimate above does not include visa expenses, personal expenses, independent travel, which vary widely from student to student.
* Program information is subject to change
* Other includes Dutch health insurance


Some photos and text courtesy of Utrecht University