Location: Angers, France, Europe

Program Type: UMSL Exchange Program open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Language of Instruction: English and/or French

UMSL Term Abroad: Academic Year, Fall, Spring

Approximate Dates Abroad:
Fall Semester: early August - early January
Spring Semester: early January - late May

Application Deadline: We encourage applicants to this program to apply by the priority deadline - your chances of admission are increased by doing so.

  • Fall/Academic Year: February 16 (priority), March 16 (final)
  • Spring: September 23 (priority), October 23 (final)

UMSL Study Abroad Eligibility Requirements. Open to sophomores, juniors, or seniors who are French majors or minors (unless sufficient course offerings are available in English).  Students must be at a B2 language language or above and have completed at least two 3000 level French courses before departing. Students with a high level of French language experience, but below a B2 level may attend only in the Fall semester and must attend a mandatory 1 month intensive language program at CIDEF (the language school). After that one month intensive course, they will be able to attend UCO for the Fall semester or attend the one year CIDEF program. The intensive course is not offered in the Spring, so students must be at least at a B2 language level. 

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Subjects Available

  • Applied Mathematics (graduate level only)
  • Biology (graduate level only)
  • Business - Business Administration (also available at graduate level)
  • Business - International Business
  • Communications (graduate level only)
  • English - Literature (graduate level only)
  • International Relations 
  • Mathematics (graduate level only)
  • Psychology (graduate level only)
  • Anthropology
  • Art History
  • Biology
  • Business - Business Administration
  • Communications (also available at graduate level)
  • Computer Science (graduate level only)
  • Education - Adult & Higher Education
  • English
  • History
  • Journalism
  • Languages - Arabic
  • Languages - Chinese
  • Languages - French
  • Languages - German
  • Languages - Japanese
  • Languages - Latin
  • Languages - Spanish
  • Literature
  • Mathematics (also available at graduate level)
  • Music - Education
  • Psychology (also available at graduate level)
  • Sociology 

The University: The Universite Catholique de l'Ouest (also known as "le Catho" or l'UCO) is a private university with about 12,000 students. It is centrally located in the heart of Angers. The Université Catholique de l'Ouest is 135 years old: originally a medieval university founded in 1373, it was later reopened in 1875. The campus is situated in downtown Angers, a mere five-minute walk from the station and the nearest bus stops; it lies just minutes away from the main shopping area, restaurants, gardens, banks and administrative offices. The university campus boasts an unusual architectural blend of old and contemporary buildings, standing in a 5-hectare park.

Academics: There are two options for study with this program:

A) Students enroll directly in content courses at l'UCO in addition to taking one French language class through CIDEF (Centre Internationale des Etudes Francaise). Students may take classes in any department at UCO, including French literature, history, business, music, philosophy, communication, education, math, biology, etc. 

Students going for the fall semester or academic year take a one-month French immersion class at CIDEF during the month of August (three credits) before the academic year starts at UCO. Students going to UCO for the spring semester take one course at CIDEF while following regular university courses thoughout the semester. 

In addition, there is an optional 10-day intensive French program at the start of the semester. Students will learn common university vocabulary and what is expected of their written and oral assignments during the semester at UCO. There is an additional 250 euro fee for this course and it is strongly recommended that students take it to ensure their success at UCO.

B) One student per year may be eligible to participate in a French language program through CIDEF. This student would not enroll in regular university courses. Students who participate in the semester long CIDEF program must fund the one month intensive course in the Fall if they seek to register for that program.

Housing: In France, it is common that universities neither own nor run their own residences; however, the International Relations office will help place you in housing.

The majority of students rent a room from a French family. Depending on your wishes, this could be a more typical "home stay" arrangment where you take your meals with the family, or it could be more independent, where you will have a private bedroom and be able to use the bathroom, kitchen, and living room facilities and limited contact with the family (sometimes you will have your own bathroom, kitchen, or entrance).

Students also have the option of staying in a "foyer" or youth residence in the city, either walking distance from the university or close to public transportation.

Activities and Programs:

Location: Angers is a beautiful city in the Loire Valley with about 260,000 inhabitants. It has a small-town feel that makes a great atmosphere for French immersion, while being large enough to always have something to do. It is a university town, with about 30,000 students. A castle fortress overlooks the colorful streets of Angers. Extensive busses and trams make it easy to get around Angers, and the city was voted one of the best places to live in France.

International Office Website: http://www.uco.fr/internationaluco/

Exchange Student Information: http://www.uco.fr/international/pole-international/programme-d-echanges-21235.kjsp?RH=SITE1_RP4-FR

CIDEF Website: http://www.uco.fr/l-universite/faculte-instituts/centre-international-d-etude-de-la-langue-francaise-614.kjsp?RH=SITE1_RP1-RS4-FR

Cost Estimates for 2013-14*

Use the Budget Worksheet to compare the below cost to your personal budget or living on campus at UMSL. Please note that the French government requires students to apply in person for the student visa. This means you must go to the French Consulate in Chicago approximately 1-2 months before departure. Details will be provided to applicants.

Tuition $3789.60
Books and course materials $150.00
Mandatory HTH insurance $140.00
Accommodations  $1900.00
Meals & Personal Expenses $2600.00
Airfare $1200.00
Local Transportation  $160.00
Other $700.00
Total $10639.60*

Course Equivalencies: Each student is responsible for researching what courses are available to take and for obtaining an UMSL equivalent course. The UMSL equivalent course number is the course for which you will receive credit on your UMSL transcript. Finding courses to take while you are abroad requires some time and research. More information is on the course equivalency page.

Upon Acceptance: Students will be required to submit supplemental materials, purchase HTH insurance, and participate in a mandatory orientation. More information will be distributed to all accepted students.

* UMSL tuition fees are based on 12 undergraduate credit hours at the 2013/14 rate - 2014/15 tuition rate TBA April 2014. Non-resident fees may apply. 
* Expenses are based off a four month semester. 
* Airline estimate based off of online search.
* Please note that expenses are ESTIMATES. Costs vary depending on the exchange rate, the inflation rate, individual spending habits, and amount of extra travel. The cost estimate above does not include visa expenses, personal expenses, independent travel, which vary widely from student to student.
* Program information is subject to change.
* Other expenses includes estimate for French Social Security Insurance. should also be prepared to pay for French liability insurance immediately upon arrival.

Some text courtesy of UCO.