Program Overview A complete overview of the Missouri Africa Program at the University of Ghana, Legon is available here.



1. Apply for a Passport immediately (if you don't already have one). Be sure you will receive it in time to apply for your Ghana visa (allow at least 1 month for the visa processing). *Please note, there are services for expediting your passport if needed quickly. Additional costs may apply and the services can be offered through the U.S. government passport office or outside agencies. Check with your advisor for more information if you have questions.

2. Please send us your name and passport number as soon as you have it, and a copy of the photo page inside the passport. We must have your passport number and the EXACT spelling of your whole name listed on your passport for the flights. Any misspellings or name changes to flight tickets will be charged to the student. *If you've just applied for your passport, send us the EXACT spelling of your name that you put on the application.

3. Research on how to apply for your Ghana Visa (give yourself at least 1 month processing time before departure.) You will need to include your official UGL acceptance letter and flight confirmation, which will both come from our office in June.

4. Complete and Submit required Program Acceptance Forms by May 15.

5. Check with your home university about registration and payment procedures

6. Register with MEDEX and Review insurance information

7. Watch the Ghana Pre-Departure Orientation slide presentation (UMSL students must also complete the General Study Abroad online orientation in MyGateway). Students are also required to attend the mandatory on-site UGL Orientation once in Ghana.

8. Read the Orientation Handbook and visit the websites

9. Additional Details: Flights, Fees/Payments, Immunizations, & other info

10. After you complete all above items, you will be ready for applying for your visa. (see below)

11. Course Evaluations (for UMSL students only)



You will be responsible for submitting your own visa application materials to the Ghana Embassy Office. Please read the current requirements and regulations for the visa at the Ghana Consulate General/Embassy website in Washington, D.C. to view the most uptodate information for applying.

Note: You will submit your visa application materials directly to the Consulate General/Embassy office. Due to the nature of the materials, you should express mail them in a secure, tracking-system method of postal or courier service. Retain the tracking number for your records.

*Requirements and Materials For your Visa Application: Several items are needed for your Student Visa and they are ALL are listed on the Consulate General/Embassy website. Please note the following details about some of the materials:

  • From our office you will need to receive your Official UGL Acceptance Letter of Invitation, flight ticket confirmation, and program cover letter. These documents will be sent to you around the end of June and need to be submitted with your visa application materials.
  • Visa Application Form-2011 (This form's version is pre-filled with our program info. You will need to complete the missing data boxes and then print TWO copies to send for your visa. *You might also want to print an extra copy for your own records).
  • TWO passport-size photos: Should be taken at least within the last three months (Very Important) Affix each photograph with glue on the top right comer of each application form.
  • Your Passport must be submitted with your visa application materials. They will paste your visa into your actual passport. Make sure your Passport is signed on the inside above the picture page! (Because your sending in your passport, this is why it's very important that you use FedEx to mail the materials, as well as include a return pre-paid FedEx envelope for them to return your passport to you!)
  • Submit Payment by Money Order, Cashier's Check or Certified Bank Check made payable to the Embassy of Ghana. You are applying for a Multiple-Entry student visa, so it's $100. Note: Personal and company checks are not accepted.
  • Submit Return Envelope: must be a prepaid self-addressed overnight, trackable envelope (FEDEX) for return of passports. Only requests accompanied by certified prepaid return envelopes will be processed.
  • ln accordance with INTERNATIONAL SANITARY REGULATIONS all persons entering Ghana are requested to have a valid certificate of immunization against yellow fever. ***Do not submit your yellow fever immunization certificate together with visa application form. Keep it and present it at the port of entry in Ghana.***
  • Send the completed application packet to:

    • The Consular Section
    • 3512 International Dr. NW
    • Washington DC, 20008

**These guidelines are subject to change as may be directed by the competent authorities in Ghana and apply to the Consulate General Office in New York.

For further information please call:
(202) 686-4520 ext. 208 or e-mail:



After you have been accepted to the program, you have a lot of preparation to do! Be sure to return these important forms to the Missouri Africa Program coordinator by May 15 as indicated below (you can return everything earlier if you prefer--the sooner the better!). Please print, carefully review, complete, and sign all forms below.


1. Copy of Your Passport (inside photo page)

2. Student Commitment Letter This form commits you to participate in the program and to pay any program-related expenses that we incur on your behalf should you withdraw.

3. Student Contract This contract outlines your rights and responsibilities as a student participant in this program.

4. Risk and Release Form

5. Health Information Form



MEDEX Security Services
In an ongoing commitment to your personal safety, the University of Missouri has partnered with MEDEX, a leading provider of international travel assistance services. MEDEX provides 24-hour security-related assistance services to you while traveling 100 miles or more away from home or outside of your home country.
Please note this IS NOT medical insurance. HTH Worldwide provides your medical insurance, MEDEX provides emergency security services as described below.


MEDEX 2011-2012 ID Card
MEDEX Policy Description
MEDEX Medical & Security
MEDEX Security Service
MEDEX Natural Disaster Service

Register Online
All study abroad students must register online with the Member Center. There is no charge to register. While registration is not required to use the emergency assistance services, you will be able to take advantage of a wide array of additional traveler assistance services that MEDEX has to offer. Examples include obtaining pre-travel reports, safety and health information, and real-time medical and security intelligence.

  1. Visit
  2. Select "MEDEX Groups" from the MEDEX homepage.
  3. Under "Member Center Log-In" select "Create an Account."
  4. Enter The Curators of The University of Missouri's MEDEX ID Number (330321).
  5. Enter in your personal account information to designate yourself a unique username and password, and then accept the User Agreement.
  6. After completing this process, you will receive an automated email containing the final "activation link" for your new member center account. To fully activate your account, click on this link.

MEDEX Services Available

  • Real Time Security Intelligence - This state-of-the-art technological platform allows MEDEX to deliver real-time alerts for any incidents that require emergency action and those that may impact life or travel. Alerts are delivered through a variety of communication means including any text-enabled device.
  • Security Evacuation Services - In the event of an emergency security situation, MEDEX will make all possible efforts to arrange for and will pay for your evacuation. If evacuation becomes impractical due to hostile or dangerous conditions, MEDEX will maintain contact with you and provide advice until evacuation becomes viable or the emergency security situation has passed.
  • Political Evacuation Services - In the event the officials of your home country issue a written recommendation that you should leave your host country for non-medical reasons, or if you are expelled or declared "persona non grata" on the written authority of your host country, MEDEX will make all possible effort to arrange for and will pay for your evacuation from an international airport or other safe departure point.
  • Transportation After Security of Political Evacuation - Following a security or political evacuation and when safety allows, MEDEX will coordinate and pay for one-way economy airfare to return you to either your home or host country.
  • The MEDEX Member Center allows you to have complete management of your MEDEX program, including printing MEDEX ID cards, opening a case online, and reading the details of your MEDEX program coverage. In addition to
    MEDEX program information, the Member Center gives you access to:

• MEDEX 360ºm Global Medical Monitor - complete international health information
• MEDEX 360ºtr Travel Registry - travel and medical record storage
• World Watch® - detailed international security information.

How to use your MEDEX SECURE benefit:
Always carry the MEDEX ID card with you while traveling. If you have a security travel problem, call MEDEX by using the phone numbers listed on the back of your ID card. Call the toll-free number for the country where you are traveling. If you are in a
country not listed, call the Baltimore, Maryland, Emergency Response Center collect (1-410-453-6330). A coordinator will ask your name, your University name, MEDEX ID number (330321) and a description of the situation. A multilingual coordinator
will immediately render whatever assistance is necessary and will monitor your case until the situation is resolved.



Medical Insurance: HTH Worldwide
As part of your program fee, you are regsitered in HTH insurance that will provide coverage in countries outside of your home country. Students receive basic medical care on campus at the University. Students will also have coverage through HTH Worldwide Insurance. This international sickness and accident insurance is part of the program fee. Students are also strongly encouraged to purchase the International Student Identity Card, which provides supplemental coverage. (new 2011-2012 brochures will be available soon!)


HTH Policy Brochure 2011-2012

In addition to providing comprehensive health insurance, HTH provides emergency travel medical insurance, including medical evacuation. HTH also has identified a network of doctors worldwide who will provide treatment and file claims on your behalf without requiring payment at the time of treatment. Prior to departure for study abroad, HTH assists students in establishing treatment for on-going medical conditions while abroad (including doctor visits and continuing medications). For a brief summary of the features and benefits of the UM Study Abroad Insurance plan, please see the HTH Policy Brochure for 2011-2012.

All HTH Worldwide members are eligible for Global Health and Safety Services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All it takes to access these services is an email or phone call to HTH Worldwide or a few clicks on View this flyer as a reminder of what HTH can do for you.

After you have been enrolled in the UM Study Abroad Insurance plan and received your Medical Insurance ID card from HTH Worldwide, visit: Using the certificate number of the front of the card, sign in to the site to obtain comprehensive information relating to this plan, including a doctor locator, city health profiles and translations of medical terms and phrases. Your family can access this same information by logging in to: They will need your insurance ID card number or your e-mail address in order to sign in.


Ghana Pre-Departure Online Orientation
All students must complete the online orientation which covers pre-departure travel information, participant responsibilities, health and safety, registration procedures, and student life.

The orientation handbook includes important details not covered in the online session. It is each participant's responsibility to completely watch the powerpoint and read the handbook. You will need speakers or ear phones for the slide presentation.

Orientation PowerPoint (approx. 22 minutes)
Orientation Handbook

On-Site Orientation
There is a one-week orientation held in Ghana prior to the start of the semester. This session will cover safety in Ghana, registration procedures, Ghanaian cultural etiquette, campus and city tours, and subsequent visits to Cape Coast and Elimina.





NOTE: The group flight usually departs from St. Louis. Students are responsible for their individual travel to these cities. We will be booking a round-trip group flight for all participants from St. Louis to Accra, Ghana. We must have your passport number and the EXACT spelling of your whole name listed on your passport. Any misspellings or name changes will be charged to the student.


FEES: Final payment of the program fee, housing, visa fee and airfare will be due approximately two months prior to departure. Students from MAP schools (UMSL, Truman, Lincoln, and UCMO) pay the program fee directly to their home university. Non-MAP participants will have a separate billing schedule from the UMSL Coordinator.

IMMUNIZATIONS: Please check with your healthcare provider to obtain the necessary immunizations. These are the responsibility of each student and should be completed approximately one month prior to departure.
*Please note: ln accordance with INTERNATIONAL SANITARY REGULATIONS all persons entering Ghana are requested to have a valid certificate of immunization against yellow fever. ***Do not submit your yellow fever immunization certificate together with visa application form. Keep it with you on your flight and present it at the port of entry in Ghana.***

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention have a very helpful website with information about traveling to Ghana, vaccinations, travel clinics, and more! Please visit:

The CDC listing of local Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinics:


FORMS WHEN YOU ARE IN GHANA (If you decide to travel, please complete & give to your director):

Student Travel Form (complete and give to faculty director before traveling overnight or longer)



Course evaluation form. Follow the instructions on this form for semester programs to have your classes evaluated for UMSL equivalencies. Please try to turn in this form before you leave for Ghana (ideally by May 1). However, while abroad, if you change your schedule of courses, you can also complete the new course evaluations via email with the department or upon your return from the program.


For more information, please contact:
Nate Daugherty
Study Abroad Coordinator
Center for International Studies
261 Millennium Student Center
One University Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63121-4499
314-516-5636 FAX

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