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Location: Various locations in Australia

Program Type:  Fee-Paying Study Abroad Program / Affiliate through Australearn/Globalinks

Special Notes: AustraLearn is not a university; rather, they coordinate your study abroad program at an Australian university. They provide support beginning with the application process through your return to the US. Students pay Globalinks tuition and fees and earn transfer credit. Additionally, scholarships through Globalinks may be available to UMSL students.

Language of Instruction: English

UMSL Terms Abroad: Academic Year, Fall, Spring

Approximate Dates Abroad:
Fall Semester (Second Semester): July - November
Spring Semester: January - June

Application Deadline:

Read about UMSL Student Experiences:

Lauren's Semester at Swiburne University of Technology

UMSL Study Abroad Eligibility Requirements.  Additionally, UMSL students must meet the Australearn requirements which vary by program.

Subjects Available: 

Participating Universities:

AustraLearn will:

Australearn Website:

UMSL Information for Non-UMSL Programs:

Cost Estimates: See the individual program pages on the Australearn website for cost information. The cost varies by Australian university. This is not an exchange program, therefore students pay tuition and fees to AustraLearn. Students do not pay any fees to UMSL for participating in this program. Keep in mind since this is a non-UMSL program, you may use any federal financial aid received through the Financial Aid Office, but UMSL and state scholarships may or may not apply.

In addition to fees through Australearn, students will need to budget expenses for airfare, books, and other personal expenses. 

Use the Budget Worksheet to compare the cost on the Australearn website to your personal budget or living on campus at UMSL.