Location: Basel, Switzerland, Europe

Program Type: UMSL Exchange Partner through the MAUI-Utrecht Network Consortium.

Special Notes: For most summer programs at the University of Basel, UMSL students pay UMSL tuition and earn UMSL credit. There are some courses that may require a fee. See a Study Abroad coordinator for details.

Language of Instruction: English and/or German

UMSL Term Abroad: Summer. Students can also participate on semester or year exchange at this institution. 

UMSL Eligibility Requirements.

Important Dates: Regular Application Deadline

Subjects Available: (may change annually, see website for details)

  • Cultural Studies
  • Economics
  • Languages - German
  • Law
  • History
  • Nursing

The Program: In a globally connected world, cultural skills become an indispensable complement to academic schooling. Summer schools allow both for professional and cultural qualifications without interfering with the already tight schedules that usually accompany higher education. Students get to know foreign cultures and societies and become acquainted with novel ways of looking at their respective fields. These skills are vital prerequisites for later careers – be they taken up in the local job market of Basel or internationally.

Academics: UMSL Students may enroll in the summer school at the University of Basel. UMSL tuition applies and students earn UMSL credit. There may be programs at the University that are also fee paying.

Detailed information will be available in the Spring 2015.