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About Study Abroad


Why Study Abroad?
Study abroad is one of the most exciting opportunities available to UMSL students and is described by many as the experience of a lifetime. No matter what your major, study abroad will enhance your studies and expand your viewpoint. This global outlook prepares UMSL students for leadership roles in society and gives them a competitive advantage in today's workplace.

Study abroad is also affordable - depending on your destination, a semester abroad is comparable to a semester in St. Louis! For most programs, students continue to pay UMSL tuition. Your financial aid and scholarships can apply towards study abroad, and International Studies and Programs awards additional study abroad scholarships for semester, year, and summer programs. There are also outside funding sources available for study abroad.

The decision to study abroad takes careful consideration and planning. Details on all programs and many scholarships are available on this website and in the the Study Abroad Office, 261 MSC. After reviewing the website, students should call to make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor as early as possible to find the program best suited to their personal, academic, and career goals.

What UMSL Students Say About Study Abroad

"It's the best way to learn another language."

"I am not a very independent person, but going to a new country all alone really pushed me to try out being independent. I was shocked at how I could plan trips to other countires, book hostels, figure out maps and transportation, etc. It was such a good chance to learn more about myself."

"It was the best semester of my entire life! It gave me a chance to truly be myself."

"I highly recommend that any student with even the faintest interest in studying abroad do so. I would even venture to say that it matters very little where one goes just as long as one goes... It is a highly enlightening experience."

Study Abroad Resource Library
The Study Abroad Resource Libraryis located in Room 261 in the Millennium Student Center. There are many different resources available regarding study abroad programs around the world, including non-UMSL programs. The most comprehensive information about study abroad programs is on the study abroad website. The Study Abroad Office has course catalogs, flyers, and guidebooks for many programs.