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Once Accepted

You've turned in your Honors College Admissions Decision Form, now all you have to do is follow this checklist to ensure you are prepared for the start of the semester.


Know your path. Familiarize yourself with the requirements for majors and UMSL's general education requirements. Check out the UMSL Bulletin.

Attend UMSL Orientation. All new freshmen students are required to attend UMSL's New Student Orientation. Follow the list to find out the days and times of these events.

Find out who your advisor is. Click to see the list of Honors College Advisors (PDF 23KB). Your Honors College Advisor will register you for ALL your classes. Be aware of who they are so you can make sure to contact them during registration times.

Register for classes. Pre-registration begins March 15th. Your Honors College Advisor will register your for all of your classes, so contact them directly to set up an individual appointment. To see which classes will be offered by the Honors College in the Fall, visit the Course Descriptions Page.

Apply for additional scholarships. The Honors College offers a variety of Named Scholarships to its students. Go to the Named Scholarships page to see what scholarships are offered and if you qualify. Note: The deadline for these scholarships is March 1st.

Take the Math Placement Test If you have not fulfilled the requirements for Math at UMSL, you may be required to take the Math Placement Test. To see if you need to take the test and when the dates are, refer to the Campus Testing Center.

Prepare yourself for the start of the semester. You will receive information from UMSL regarding the things you need to do before the beginning of the semester, like buying a parking pass, how to get your books, paying your bill, etc. You will also receive a financial aid package from UMSL. Make sure to look it over to ensure your Honors College Scholarships are all listed correctly.

Secure your housing. If you plan to live on campus, be sure to contact the Office of Residential Life at (314) 516-6877 to apply for housing. 

Come to Honors College Orientation, 2:00-4:30 pm, Friday, August 17, 2018.   Watch the mail for your invitation.