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Degree Programs
The Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri - St. Louis offers a number of degree programs, including both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Psychological Sciences. Classes are available both day and evening. Specialization is possible in several fields of psychology both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Complete information on degree requirements and course descriptions can be found in the University of Missouri-St. Louis Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogue. In addition, advisors in the Psychology Academic Advising Office are available to answer questions regarding career options in psychology and to provide information regarding course offerings and degree requirements.

In conjunction with course work in the department, students have the opportunity to do research in a wide variety of areas, including animal and human learning, human factors, perception, physiological, industrial-organizational, cognitive processes, personality-social, developmental, clinical, and community psychology. The student may choose an area of concentration in graduate school preparation, child care and development, or industrial/organizational psychology. The student, however, is not required to follow one of these concentrations and may devise an individual program.

General Education Requirements

General University requirements for the Undergraduate Degree can be found at the University Bulletin website.


Department of Psychology Requirements
Specific requirements for both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Psychological Sciences can be found at the University Bulletin website.


Psychology Academic Advising Office

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Phone: 314-516-4561
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