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Is a degree in psychological sciences right for you?

Psychological sciences involve the study of mental processes, the brain, and behavior in human and other animals. Students earning a degree in psychological sciences learn to analyze data, communicate complex information, understand human behavior and think and write scientifically. These skills are highly prized by employers in a variety of fields.

The Psychology Advising Office is available to help students in the following areas:

Career Opportunities

Business Research Counseling/Rehabilitation
Human Resources Education/School Psychology Social Services
Marketing/Advertising Health Services Criminal Justice

The B.S. and B.A. degrees also provide excellent preparation for further training in a graduate program in the psychological sciences and in other disciplines (Examples: business, occupational therapy, school psychology, social work).

Psychological Sciences = Employable Skills (PDF)
Fields of Study (PDF)
Bachelor of Arts Checklist (PDF)
Bachelor of Science Checklist (PDF)