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Counseling Services

Counseling Services

If you have concerns about someone with mental health issues who may be of potential harm to themselves or others, Counseling Services psychologists are available to consult with you and assist you with making a referral to counseling and/or another appropriate referral. Counseling Services consultants are available during regular office hours and can be reached at 314-516-5711, or you may walk in to Health, Wellness and Counseling Services, 131 Millennium Student Center (MSC). For an immediate response, you must indicate to the receptionist that this is an urgent situation.

If you are with someone who is in crisis, it may be helpful to call Counseling Services and then walk with the person to Health, Wellness and Counseling Services office at 131 Millennium Student Center. However, in cases where it would be dangerous for the person to walk to Counseling Services, arrangements can be made for a counselor to come to another location on campus.

For more information visit Counseling Services.

In an Immediate Emergency:

If the person is in immediate danger of harming themselves or someone else, the situation requires emergency attention, please call the Campus Police Department at 314-516-5155 immediately. Officers have been specifically trained to work with people in crisis and are here to help.

Calling Campus Police is also the appropriate procedure for urgent situations that occur during evenings and weekends, when Counseling Services’ office is closed. In the event that a psychologist is required on the scene, Campus Police will contact the Counseling Psychologist on-call.