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Working Paper Series

For submission of working papers to the UMSL Series, or other questions, please contact Max Gillman gillmanm@umsl.edu.

Max Gillman:
Supply-Side Economics with AS-AD in Ramsey Dynamic General Equilibrium
August 2023

Lea-Rachel Kosnik
Who are the More Dismal Economists?  Gender and Language in Academic Economics Research
March 2022

Allen Bellas & Lea-Rachel Kosnik
The Local and Aggregated Impacts of Stay-at-Home Orders on State Level Unemployment Outcomes
February 2022

Eiji Goto
Industry Impacts of US Unconventional Monetary Policy
August 2021

Iftekhar Hasan, Liuling Liu, Anthony Saunders & Gaiyan Zhang
December 2020

Max Gillman
Lea-Rachel Kosnik & Allen Bellas
Drivers of COVID-19 Stay at Home Orders: Epidemiologic, Economic, or Political Concerns?
June 2020

Tamas Csabafi, Max Gillman & Ruthira Naraidoo
February 2020

Szilard Benk & Max Gillman
March 2019
Tamas Csabafi, Max Gillman & Ruthira Naraidoo
September 2018
Max Gillman
July 2018
Allen Bellas & Lea-Rachel Kosnik
Brian Fogarty, David Kimball & Lea-Rachel Kosnik
The Media, Voter Fraud, and the 2012 Elections
Giulia Ghiani, Max Gillman & Michal Kejak
Persistent Liquidity
January 2016
Ceri Davies, Max Gillman & Michal Kejak
Interest Rates Rules
January 2016
L. Douglas Smith, Satish Nayak, Maureen Karig, Lea Kosnik, Mark Konya, Kristy Lovett, Zhennan Liu & Harrison Luvai
Assessing Residential Customer Satisfaction for Large Electric Utilities
May 2015
January 2015
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