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Exploring Issues, Connections and Opportunities for St. Louis Neighborhoods

What’s Brewing is a series of breakfast conversations to explore issues, connections, and opportunities for St. Louis area neighborhoods.

Previous Whats Brewing Sessions Explored Different St. Louis Neighborhood Types

Six-Party Typology of St. Louis Neighborhoods

If you would like to see Des Lee Professor Todd Swanstrom's presentation from previous Whats Brewings see below:

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Revitalizing Older Industrial Cities:  What Can the U.S. Learn from Europe?

Thanks to all who attended our panel discussion led by visiting scholar Dr. Jörg Plöger, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Urban and Regional Development in Dortmund, Germany. The co-author of Phoenix Cities (Policy Press, 2010), Dr. Plöger has worked with the London School of Economics and the Brookings Institution researching urban recovery strategies in European and American cities.  To download a copy of his presentation, please click here.  
Dr. Plöger was joined by a panel of local speakers:
Sandra Moore, President, Urban Strategies 
Don Roe, Director, St. Louis Planning and Urban Design Agency 
Bob Lewis, Principal, Development Strategies
Turin is an example of an Italian city that transformed itself from an industrial city in decline to a vibrant urban center.