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Connect to St.Louis Community Development

St. Louis is home to a passionate group of civic leaders, organizations, and bloggers that are dedicated to neighborhood development.

Organizations and places to connect with the St. Louis community development scene:

Community Builders Network of Metro St. Louis (CBN), a regional association of community development nonprofits, puts out a bi-weekly newsletter on community building news and information, funding, professional development and more.

is a community development intermediary in the St. Louis region has expertise in financing projects, strategic planning, and the use of data for neighborhood change.

St. Louis Association of Community Organizations (SLACO)
is a regional association of neighborhood associations. Among events and newsletters, SLACO puts on an annual neighborhoods conference open to all.

St. Louis Development Blogs
St. Louis has developed a strong blog community dedicated to development.
Browse the following for more information:

Preservation Research Office


Urban Review St. Louis