The University of Missouri-St. Louis verifies the academic and other related credentials claimed by a prospective full-time or part-time (adjunct) faculty member and certain other prospective employees (specified under “Policy Implementation” below) who will be appointed to a position within Academic Affairs.

  1. Any offer of employment to a prospective faculty member shall be made contingent on verification of an individual's claimed academic credentials. Should the verification not bear out the prospective faculty member’s claim, any offer of employment to the individual will be withdrawn.

  2. This credential verification process must be completed (1) prior to the date of employment or (2) within one month after the start date of employment for a late-hire faculty member.

  3. In the event the individual has begun employment, the individual will be terminated or, when necessary, the dean shall recommend to the Chancellor that dismissal for cause charges be filed against the faculty member.

  4. Should an employee covered by this policy claim an earned credential following employment, the designated University official within the employee’s academic unit will verify the claimed credential.

  5. This policy is effective for all full and part-time faculty and certain other prospective employees whose initial appointment begins on August 1, 2003 and thereafter.

Policy Implementation

  1. The Dean of each College shall be responsible for ensuring implementation and compliance with this policy.

  2. Any offer of employment shall be made contingent on verification of the candidate’s credentials.

  3. The candidate is responsible for verifying to the academic unit hiring the prospective faculty member that s/he holds the highest degree and any other academic or professional credential (e.g., license or certification) required for the position.

  4. The candidate may verify claimed credentials in the following manner:
    1. Degree: (A) Official transcript(s) sent directly to the responsible UM-St. Louis administrator from the institution(s) attended or (B) Letter from registrar of the institution(s) attended verifying degree(s) and date(s) of conferral.
    2. License/Certification: Photostatic copy of license or certificate.

  5. Credentials verified by the faculty member will be maintained in the faculty member’s personnel file located in the academic unit of appointment.

  6. The claimed academic credentials of prospective employees shall be verified for individuals seeking full or part-time employment in the following categories:
    1. Lecturer, instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor or to positions with these same titles preceded by “adjunct,” “clinical,” “visiting,” “research,” “museum,” “graduate,” “distinguished,” or “Curators”
    2. Librarian
    3. Post-doctoral fellow or post-doctoral associate
    4. Research associate; senior research fellow; research analyst or senior research analyst
    5. Clinical resident
    6. Scholar, artist, docent, or superintendent in residence, including those whose title includes the term “visiting”
    7. Administrators holding an appointment as a faculty member in categories A, B, or F above


Reviewed by Council of Deans, June 2003