A. DEFINITION: Any additional payments to monthly paid benefit eligible employees for work performed outside their regular duties will be considered extra compensation requiring review and approval pursuant to Executive Order # 15 and HR 214.


NOTE: Hourly employees are not eligible for extra comp as they receive overtime if they work more than 40 hours in a workweek.


B. PROCEDURES: Extra comp payments will be processed on an online additional pay form (APF), through PSHR. For payments less than $1000, an explanation of the nature of the extra comp must be included in the comments section.


Extra Compensation Form: If the extra comp is $1000 or more, University policy requires completion of a form to document the nature of the extra comp and the employee’s current duties, course load, etc. The form (Request for Additional Pay/Extra Compensation) is required for both academic and monthly exempt administrative staff and is located on the System Forms page at:


Completion of paperwork: The department requesting the work and funding the payment is responsible for initiation of the Additional Pay/Extra Comp form and subsequent payment via the PSHR APF. The Additional Pay/Extra Comp form must be submitted to the employee’s home department prior to the work being completed.  Completion of the Normal Teaching Load and Other Responsibilities listed on the Additional Pay/Extra Comp form should be completed by the home department. HR 214 Extra Compensation requires “all recommendations must be submitted far enough in advance to permit time for review and approval.”


C. APPROVALS: In academic units the Chair and Dean/Unit Directors approve any request for extra comp for either faculty or staff with primary appointments in that division and forwards to the Provost for signature. In all non-academic units the head of the unit (or a designee) approves any request for extra comp for staff with primary appointments in that unit and forwards to the head of the division for signature (i.e., Chancellor’s staff.) Once all approvals have been obtained the extra comp paper work is forwarded back to the requesting unit for entry into the PSHR APF.


Multiple Campuses: When the extra comp involves multiple campuses, the employee’s home campus governs what approvals are required. Approvals are based on where the employee’s primary appointment exists. The employee’s home department has the right to determine whether the extra comp is appropriate. The department paying for the extra comp should process the paperwork and sign the form to signify authorization to fund the payment. The paperwork should be forwarded to the HR office on the employee’s home campus (i.e., the campus where the employee holds a benefit eligible appointment). The HR office will facilitate the collection of required signatures on the home campus. Delegated authority to approve the payment resides on the employee’s home campus not the campus that is paying for the work. Therefore, the HR office on the funding campus does not need to approve the payment.


D. ACADEMIC ADMINISTRATORS: Those academic administrators at the level of Dean (or its equivalent) or higher including administrators in the Provost’s, Chancellor’s and President’s Offices are not eligible to receive extra compensation from the University. Annual compensation for these academic administrators should reflect all of their responsibilities and be determined at the time of the initial appointment and/or at the time of the annual review and salary adjustment. All duties assigned to these administrators should be considered when setting their base compensation level.