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Working with the University

The University looks forward to working with you and your company. UMSL collaborates with industry in a variety of ways, from sponsored course projects to R&D and technology licensing. If you can't find the resources or information you need here, please contact us.

Contact us regarding access to a wide range of analytical equipment and/or analysis by university experts of your materials:

Contact us for information on our latest discoveries available for licensing. Also visit the following:

  • UMSL Innovations online marketplaceFind and express license copyrighted materials online at UMSL Innovations. We are also working to list patented technologies on this site for informational purpuses.
  • UM TechFinder. Find technologies available for licensing from any of the four University of Missouri campuses. Search for "UMSL" for our campus' available inventions.

  • AUTM Innovation Marketplace (AIM)The AIM database includes more than 19,000 university technologies available for licensing, including those from the four campuses of the University of Missouri System.

  • Contact us to discuss R&D collaborations with UMSL faculty, non-disclosure agreements to protect intellectual property during initial conversations, and material transfer agreements to transfer biological and other materials.

  • Use the new Research Enabled portal to present your research challenges to researchers across the University of Missouri System and the Southern Illinois University System, soliciting proposed solutions for your consideration. Through the portal, you can also request access to equipment, facilities, and other resources; find expertise for analysis, to pursue funding, and other activities; and even view current applied-research projects posted by faculty for potential collaboration.